Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Charles Lewis

So, Pat Curley of the Screw Loose Change blog seems to have taken Scootle's advice and did some further reading on Charles Lewis, who says that he overheard radio chatter at Los Angeles International Airport on 9/11 saying that "NORAD had not responded, because it had been 'ordered to stand down'"

In a previous post Pat stated, "But what time was the Pentagon hit? Around 9:38 in the morning, right? What time is that in LA? So now we're supposed to believe that an LA building inspector was at work at LAX before 6:30 in the morning?"

To which Scootle replied, "Now I know Pat read my post on the program, he mentions it in his article, but he obviously did not read the 911truth.org article I linked to. According to his testimony, he was at work around 6:30AM."

Now Pat has this to say:
He went out there to be available to fix certain parts of a guard shack? And I'm sorry, I don't find his claims of being at the Hilton at 6:30 AM very credible. At the end he provides several ways in which his story could be corroborated, but you can guess the next part. David Ray Griffin (who made the post at 911 truth dot org) made no attempt to confirm the guy's story.
How about giving Scootle a tip of the hat? Don't want to admit that you didn't look into the issue at all before making a comment?

To say that Lewis was there to "fix certain parts of a guard shack" is a misrepresentation of what he says in the aritcle. As he points out, "'LAX Security' involves the Los Angeles World Airport Police Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, and sometimes the FBI and/or the California Highway Patrol." Lewis states that he was "one of only a few persons who would know how to fix certain parts of the new security systems if problems developed," and that he "managed the design changes and construction" for the systems at Guard Post II. Thanks for reading though, Pat.

Blog contributor AdamT. had this to say:
"And I'm sorry, I don't find his claims of being at the Hilton at 6:30 AM very credible." -Pat

Wow. You know, I hope for Pat's sake that if a crime is ever committed against him, the police don't use his method of investigation.
Pat states that David Ray Griffin should have followed up on the recommendations Lewis made to corroborate his story. How is he supposed to obtain video from LAX security cameras and audio of the phone conversations, radio transmissions, and radio broadcast at LAX? I think a new 9/11 investigation would be better suited to do that.

He could possibly get in contact with the individuals mentioned and I will try to do just that. Nevermind the fact that if Lewis were lying it doesn't make sense for him to suggest ways his story could not just be proved, but disproved as well.