Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The 9/11 Truth Experiment

Here is a proposed experiment from a new "debunker" on YouTube, "Humantidote":

Stand under it holding torches huh? As mechanical engineer Tony Szamboti just recently stated:

"Fire can't melt steel except in the controlled circumstances of a blast furnace, or with a welding torch, or with incendiaries."

So, I'll make you a deal Mr. Antidote, I will stand in a building the size of WTC 7 with the same type of construction that has large fires on 6 floors for 7 hours. But you have to let civil engineer Jonathan Cole rig the bottom 8 stories of another such building that you are in with thermate and hang out for 7 hours too.

Try doing a real 9/11 truth experiment and prove one of his wrong!

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