Friday, December 17, 2010

Anonymous really are frickin' stupid!

I've never cared much for 4chan. The place is so full of hate and immaturity it puts JREF to shame. It's like some pathetic cult of sick, perverted, shallow, dehumanized geeks. The first time I visited the site I stumbled upon a disgusting, graphic photo of some old man having sex with a dead body! Sure it's brought us some funny stuff, but it's classic mind control.

And I had a feeling that the long planned cyber false-flag would involve them in some way. I just never thought it would be an all out cyber war - as if several staged real-life wars aren't enough.

So 'Anonymous' is annoyed that top services like Amazon, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal are censoring Cass Sunstein's Wikileaks. I am too. I support a free and open internet as much as anyone, but hacking websites won't achieve anything. You're just giving the people who want to censor it the moral high ground. If a website pisses you off, boycott it - simple as that!

Anonymous are the internet equivalent of those anarchist agent provocateurs who give the police a convenient excuse to break up otherwise peaceful protests. Their hearts are in the right place, shame about their brains! The free internet is one of the last hopes of free humanity. If we lose it, we're screwed. Anonymous better wake up and see they're just playing right into the hands of those with an agenda.