Tuesday, December 21, 2010

YouTube Restores 'Liarpoliticians' Account [UPDATE]

*Update 12/21/10: After a battle with the laywers, YouTube has now reinstated the original account.*

liarpoliticians2 (1 week ago)
"There is a prospect to get my original channel back after an impasse has been reached and sort of worked around between myself and the solicitors of the copyright holder who claims I used their material - which I did not, and they can't actually prove I did. They are now trying to save face from their screw-up."

liarpoliticians (3 days ago)
"Finally after three weeks, I've got this channel back up after a BS copyright claim took the channel down. After a lot of writing between the lawyers and myself over the BS copyright claim that they COULD NOT actually prove. I hope it was worth putting my neck on the block for all you visitors to save these clips."

The YouTube channel liarpoliticians - a channel by a British guy who uploaded lots of high quality news clips recorded from British TV - has been terminated.

The channel was the home of the original uploads of the Herman Van Rompuy "Global Governance" clip and the Gordon Brown "World Constitution" clip. My two videos about the 2010 UK election would not have been possible without it.

The account was deleted after a BS copyright claim by Wixen Music UK Limited. They claim an unspecified song was used in one of his videos.

Future videos will be uploaded to his second account, liarpoliticians2.

From his new channel ...

Previous Youtube channel:
Hits: just under 3 million
Videos: 3200
Uploaded approx 150GB of video
Time online: over 2 years

All deleted thanks to a bullshit claim by "Wixen Music UK Limited".

"Wixen Music UK Limited got my previous successful youtube account deleted, because they claim there was music in a 46 minute George Osborne party conference speech (did he break into some song himself?).

Thank you to all who made the previous channel successful and the just under three million viewings. Congratulations to Wixen Music UK Limited for deleting the 3200 clips of politicians and their lies. Wixen Music UK Limited must be very proud of themselves that their lies to youtube have hidden so much evidence of the crookedness of our politicians. Add Wixen Music UK Limited to that list of bastards."

"I have contested to youtube the deletion of the account AND of the bullsh1t copyright claim, but having past experiences of what piece of garbage yt are and their reluctance to do something called FACT checking, I hold out no hope of getting the channel back. You can also certainly bet that the company that came up with this bullshit claim will have no reprimands what so ever.

The only certain thing is, money talks, and we little people don't matter."

"After tracking down the video in my archives that "Wixen Music UK Limited" claims has their music in, I can confirm there was not even one second of music in the George Osborne speech. Shysters!"

The reality is of course, this has nothing to do with copyright, it's simply about censoring the truth to protect the liar politicians.