Monday, December 20, 2010

Of Course, WTC7 Never Existed!

"Every now and then I meet somebody [..] asking me about this
Building 7, but I have no evidence that this really occured!"

~ Joe Lieberman

Now this is what you call denialism! As if denying WTC7's demolition isn't bad enough, Joe Lieberman seems to be denying it even existed! So what about all those photos and videos of its existence and its collapse? They must all be fake! Lieberman's crazy 'WTC7 fakery' conspiracy theory puts the September Clues people to shame!

There's enough WTC7 denialism from the mainstream media as it is. If Lieberman gets his wish, and the free internet is killed, future generations may be taught that WTC7 never existed, and you'll be called a conspiracy theorist if you say it did! How 1984 is that?!