Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This should be a laugh...

It seems Michael Shermer is making a documentary about 'conspiracies'.

My Day in Dealey Plaza: Why JFK was Killed by a Lone Assassin
There is no more to the Pearl Harbor conspiracy theory than there is that President Bush helped orchestrate 9/11 or knew about the pending attack and allowed it to happen in order to unite the American public into supporting his wars of aggression in the Middle East.
He's right, with Pearl Harbor there's enough room for debate. The hard facts of 9/11 can't be debated, only denied.
Is it really necessary to invent additional assassins when it is obvious that one could have done the job? No. LHO acted alone in killing JFK. QED.
Ermmm ... Maybe because one conspirator confessed?![1] [2]

Obvious that one could have done the job? I think the most widely accepted official timeline is, first shot missed, 6.3 seconds later, magic bullet shot that has never been replicated and the only demonstration we've been given of its plausibility is a questionable computer animation, 4.9 seconds later, 'back and to the left'. Even if you assume it is all physically possible, there's a glaring contradiction here. We're expected to believe the same man who missed so wildly from only 140 feet could score a headshot from 265 feet! Even the Warren Commission found that hard to believe ...
"On the other hand, the greatest cause for doubt that the first shot missed is the improbability that the same marksman who twice hit a moving target would be so inaccurate on the first and closest of his shots as to miss completely, not only the target, but the large automobile."
Possible? Perhaps. Probable? No. Like everything else. Go do your little hitpiece Shermer, we'll tear your faith-based arguments to shreds and expose you for the delusional shill you are.

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