Sunday, December 19, 2010

I still don't follow the logic...

Ever since I posted a video on this blog of Bill Gates at TED 2010 talking about using vaccines to reduce overpopulation, a number of people have messaged me trying to rationalize it. This is a Youtube debate I've been having with minmotstand ...

minmotstand said:
you should think before you speak...

How Bill Gates wants to reduce world population through vaccines and health-care access:
- Vaccines and health-care access decrease the rate of infant mortality
- Low infant mortality rates = people decide to have less kids since they don't have a good chance of dying
- People having less kids = lower population rates

You should question your faith with regards to the Gospel of Alex Jones and actually critically think about an issue yourself.
ScootleRoyale said:
Yeh I've heard that response a million times before... the logic makes no sense. So the population is high at the moment coz lots of kids die?

The real reason the third world is overpopulated is they are undeveloped. Now. If you take his statement at face value, he's basically saying, "We'll help the third world develop to lower population". The problem is, he - and all these other top globalists - do not want the third world to develop - by their own admissions! Allowing them to devlop and providing access to contraception etc. would lower their population, but Gates isn't interested in that. He just wants to screw them over some more.
minmotstand said:
So your argument is that they are underdeveloped.
You do realize Bill Gates is talking about DEVELOPING the health care system, right?

You do realize you are agreeing with both of us, right?

Also, if you weren't an imbecile, then maybe my argument would make sense.
Most of your children die before age 5 so you have more children to balance this out. If people in Africa just had 2 or 3 kids, they would end up having zero to 1 kids.

Also, where is this admission that Bill Gates doesn't want the third world to develop?

You can live in your fantasy conspiracy theory enveloped world where everyone is a secret globalist (from Lady Gaga to the creator of the Simpsons), or you can just accept that the super rich elite just want to consolidate power and wealth (aka power).

I guess that's just too simple to make sense.

Obviously Lady Gaga is in the illuminati because she seems to be as fascinated by freemasonry as much as you morons.
ScootleRoyale said:
He's not talking about devloping the third world... he wants you to think he is but he doesn't want that.

Watch a documentary called "The Great Global Warming Swindle"... even if you don't agree with the science in the documentary, the second half of it goes into the politics of it and exposes how the UN and all these top globalists do not want the third world to develop. Bill Gates is intimately involved with that crowd, and he's invoking global warming just like they are.

"Most of your children die before age 5 so you have more children to balance this out. If people in Africa just had 2 or 3 kids, they would end up having zero to 1 kids."

Yeh I get that but I don't understand how that leads to overpopulation ... as you said: "to balance this out" ... If there's a balance between the number of deaths and the number of births it wouldn't lead to overpopulation.
minmotstand said:
I would keep talking but you don't even understand math...

and climate change is real

you just obey Alex Jones -- cult of personality if I've ever seen one

and you guys think Obama's followers are sheep

ScootleRoyale said:
How does lots of births balanced by lots of deaths lead to overpopulation?

If you have a population of say half a billion... each death takes one off, each birth adds one... if there's a high infant death rate, then the population is gonna go down over time ... but if people have more kids, at best that's gonna keep the population the same, it's not gonna turn it into a positive trend. So how does a high infant mortality lead to overpopulation? It doesn't make any sense. Please explain exactly how it happens. Noone ever has to me, they have just asserted that that's what happens.

Of course climate change is real... you'd have to be an idiot to deny it...stop throwing around the vague term "climate change" and accusing people who question catastrophic anthropogenic global warming of 'denying climate change'.

And stop generalizing, I like Alex Jones, yes. But I am not an AJ sheep... I've debunked him on certain issues many times.
minmotstand said:
MY GOD how is this difficult to comprehend?

Say ~60% of your children die before age 5 years

You want to have 2 kids.

To try to get 2 kids, you have 6 or 7.

Say only 20% of your children die

You now have 5 children


The last message doesn't make sense. 60% of kids die so families have more children, but actually only 20% of them die so the population goes up ... huh? I thought 60% die! If 20% die then 20% die! How can it be 60% and 20%?!

Am I just being stupid? Or is he? I genuinely do not see the logic behind the idea that the third world is overpopulated because lots of kids die!

Please, someone explain it to me!

Minmotstand employed a classic debunker tactic of putting words in my mouth. He accused me of being an Alex Jones sheep and spouted a load of stuff from nowhere about Lady Gaga and Freemasonry. I like AJ, yes, but I am not a sheep. I routinely notice errors when listening to his show, especially on the subject of 9/11, and have on this very blog called him out on misinformation, such as that fake naked body scanner image.