Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reply: Northwest Airlines was an Inside Job!

I saw this one coming from a 150 miles away, below the article I will again point out why this, and other such comparisons, are anything but relevant.

James B.
November 05, 2009

David Ray Griffin, and other truthers have been insisting for years that any plane which is off course will be intercepted by the Air Force in a matter of minutes.

In the first few days, military officials said that no fighter jets were sent up by NORAD until after the strike on the Pentagon at 9:38, even though signs that Flight 11 was in trouble had been observed at 8:15. That would mean that although interceptions usually occur within 15 minutes, in this case over 80 minutes had elapsed before any fighters were even airborne. This story suggested that a “stand-down” order had been issued.
Well, unfortunately they aren't always this efficient, even 8 years later.

The Northwest Airlines plane that flew 150 miles past the Minneapolis airport was out of contact with air traffic control for longer than the hour-plus originally reported, military sources told Fox News.

But the Federal Aviation Administration denies that was the case, standing by earlier reports that the wayward jet was out of contact for about 77 minutes.

Military sources confirmed to Fox that there were three "non-contacts" — or NORDOs — when air traffic controllers tried to call Flight 188, the first when it reached its cruising altitude after taking off from San Diego.

The military wasn't notified about the out-of-touch plane until after the third non-contact incident, which occurred as the jet approached Minneapolis, the sources said.


Flight 77: The impact was 83 minutes after Flight 11 first went off course, and 58 minutes after the North Tower impact, and 40 minutes after the South Tower impact, yet the jet was not intercepted as it flew over the (normally) most heavily protected airspace in the United States, and in the world. - Source:
The magnitude of the situation on 9/11 was infinitely more severe, the US was obviously under attack, requiring the highest of alerts, and don't forget about those coincidental war games either.