Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pager Messages and the Distorted Tilt.

While the Climatologists are studying their leaked archive of goodies, we 9/11 researchers have some of our own leaked goodies - half a million pager intercepts. I've had a look through most of the messages between 08:00 and 13:00. There isn't really anything as obviously damning as the ClimateGate emails but I've noticed a few things of interest.

Server crashes, messages relating to drills and reports of bombs/explosions all over the place are the most interesting. There were reports of bomb scares and car bomb attacks at the State Department Building, Hotel Washington, a treasury building, a school, an army recruiting office, a music production company, an energy company, even the Washington Monument! There were also reports of secondary explosions at the world trade center - yet more to add to the long list.

See this thread on the Prison Planet Forum for more:

I've just watched part three of the recent Hardfire debate. Much attention was spent debating the significance of the tilt. Mackey uses these graphics to demonstrate what the tilt would have done to the lower floors and explain the lack of a jolt...

My problem with this analysis is that it assumes that the top portion of the building rotated about a fixed point, reached an angle of eight degrees and THEN started falling. I've seen similar analyses of the South Tower's collapse by debunkers. They assume it rotated approximately 20 degrees about a fulcrum and then the fulcrum gave way and the upper block just fell (completely ignoring the conservation of angular momentum). In the case of both towers, these models are incorrect. The tilts did not happen before the falls, the tilts happened during the falls.

As we see in the above video, there was a tilt, and the tilting may have started immediately. However, it did not reach eight degrees until the upper section had already fallen several floors. So even if an eight degree tilt could explain the lack of a jolt (which I don't believe it could), it's completely irrelevant in this case.

I've seen several videos of buildings being demolished using hydraulics where they literally drop the top half of the building onto the bottom half and there's always a noticeable deceleration when the top half impacts the bottom half. A number of them are in my video Fires, Explosions, Demolitions, Collapses, Crushdowns and the World Trade Center.

Of course this is completely pointless anyway. Anyone with more than two brain cells and an open mind can see that building didn't just fall down. In the same way anyone looking at the Zapruder film can see Kennedy was shot from the front. And the forensic evidence of reactants, products and by-products of various classes of thermite reactions proves demolition.

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