Saturday, November 21, 2009

The 911 Commission Report: A Letter to Booksellers who Recommend this Trash

Steve Weathers
November 21, 2009

Here is an email I sent to Borders Australia:

I don't expect any action, but I have done what I have to!

Why does Borders Books (Knox) include in its recommended books section The 911 Commission Report?

Do you realise that several of the 911 Commission heads now consider their report to be seriously flawed? Do you realise that the two Chairs, Kean and Hamilton, also have huge misgivings about their report; that the US Air Force lied to them and they don't know why, that the CIA withheld information from them? Do you realise that the majority of victims family members are VERY unhappy about this report considering it did not answer most of the questions they put to the commission?

Moreover, do you realise that for an investigation that was supposed to be a full accounting of the event, there are more than 100 documented lies, distortions and omissions within its pages?

If the investigation was so thorough why did it completely omit mention of the collapse of the 47 storey World Trade Center 7 Building? Why was evidence that contradicted the Government version of events, like Norman Mineta's testimony that completely contradicts Dick Cheney's account, left out? Why was FBI translator, Sibel Edmond's 3 hours of testimony, indicating that US intelligence services had worked with Bin Laden right up until the attacks, left out?

Why did the report refuse to address Mayor Giuliani's statement that he had received word that the World Trade Center Tower was going to collapse and that he never relayed this information to the police or fire departments at the time?

There are so many problems with the report that it is not funny. The book is like a fairy story and should not be in the non-fiction section since it makes so many claims that are not supported by fact and/or only supported by hearsay evidence.

You need to think about restocking your sections dealing with the 911 murders with more appropriate material.