Saturday, May 28, 2022

Debunking Flat Earth with Kindness vs Dave the Dick's Approach and Flat Earthers Do Point Out Real Deceptions and Lingering Questions

If it turns out that the large and growing number of prominent and scientifically-minded simulation hypothesis adherents are right, then this whole debate will be seen in quite a different light one day.

The Simulation Hypothesis — Why Quantum Physics, AI, and Eastern Mystics Agree We Are In A Video…

Here is how a nice person and savvy sceptic tackles this issues...

Flat Earth "Science" -- Wrong, but not Stupid

Here is a flat earther rebuttal...

And now, here's the enlightened, but yet somehow still dull approach of the Duh-Bunk-Turd that I call, by what is obviously his real proper name, Dave the Dick.

Professor Dave Humiliates Flat Earther David Weiss (DITRH Debunked Live)

Editor's Note: Humiliating of one person by another (the humiliator) is often used as a way of asserting power over them, and is a common form of oppression or abuse used in a police, military, or prison. 

Finally, here are a few more presentations... use liberally for shits, giggles, and food for thought cuisine. No flat plates needed for the sustenance. However, an open mind will assist in washing the mind nuggets down. Just be careful your brain doesn't fall out in the process and literally go flat with a splat!

This first one is a fair straight news approach presentation that looks at all aspects of the issue (point counter point), including odd/interesting things that flat earthers use as talking points, that may not prove their main point, but could be breadcrumbs leading to deeper truths. OR it could just be a road to humdrum explanations. BUT it gets people thinking about scientific issues that many otherwise would not. Dave the Dick misses this silver lining with all his "you're a moron" whining he mistakes as winning. 

At the Edge of a Flat Earth - From the beginning of recorded history, and for thousands of years, the entire world believed the Earth is flat.

Eddie Bravo Radio 85: Flat Earth Special with Eric Dubay & Kron Gracie Special guests Flat earth theorist, Eric Dubay, MMA and Jiu Jitsu competitor, Kron Gracie, and Musician, James. With producer and skeptic, TJ DeSantis. We had technical difficulties with skype. In this video the portions of the podcast which were inaudible were removed. In this episode we discuss the arguments for and against Flat Earth theory as well as touch on space, satellites, dinosaurs, and government sponsored science.

The 10 Things All Flat Earthers Say DEBUNKED

The following presentation is a response to "Professor" Dave's popular "10 Things All Flat Earthers Say" video that globe believers constantly share as if it's some home-run for heliocentrism.  If you see anyone posting his video, please be sure to share this debunking with them for me.  And if you are new to the subject of our level motionless plane Earth, take some time to visit the following links:


10 Things Flat Earthers Might Be Right About (And 5 They Can't Deny)


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