Friday, December 19, 2014

Confirmed: We tortured - Sign Petition Demanding Accountability

Please sign the petition by Daily Kos and Demand Progress demanding accountability for the just-revealed torture by the CIA.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has released the CIA torture report -- after over 170,000 people signed our petition demanding they do so -- and the details make us sick to our stomachs.

Simply put, the United States has tortured people -- meaning "waterboarding" and much more -- in direct violation of its own War Crimes Act.  And it violates the U.N. Convention Against Torture -- which President Ronald Reagan signed.

We cannot allow what happened in the Bush-Cheney Administration to happen again.
Attorney General Eric Holder must appoint a special prosecutor to hold accountable those who committed such crimes, and the Obama Administration must dismiss CIA head John Brennan and all employees at the CIA who were involved.

But despite his purported opposition to torture, President Obama isn't going create meaningful repercussions for it unless we force him to:

Sign the petition by Daily Kos and Demand Progress: Demand accountability. Dismiss and prosecute all those at the CIA responsible for authorizing and overseeing the implementation of torture.

-Demand Progress


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