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Why JREF moves, suspends, and bans 9/11 Truthers. JREF is funded by military contractors. Randi gets $243750 per year">

In  my attempts to find a PhD to debate with Dr. David Griscom
to have a fair debate for  my posts on JREF
were often removed to the trash can, by the forum moderators.
Thanks to Chris Mohr, the debate got posted on its own thread called
"9/11 Physics Debate - Any Takers?"    Yet even my posts about the
date and time of the debate were removed as "off topic" by moderators.
No one from JREF could find a PhD willing to speak out for the
government's story, so Dr. Griscom won.  After my posting of the attached
victory graphic, my account was banned without a warning or explanation.
Why does JREF move, suspend, and ban 9/11 Truthers?
Christopher Bollyn has written this article about his research
on how JREF is funded by military contractors.
JREF's address for its founding and taxes in Richard L. Adams'
building, whose main tenant is General Dynamics.  Richard is an
internet millionaire who gave $1 million to JREF, as Treasurer.
James Randi gets $243,750 per year from this non-profit organization.

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The Less Than Amazing Randi - Critic of 9-11 Truth is Funded by Military Contractors
February 4, 2014

The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) is funded by a high-level agent of the U.S. military industrial complex.  The Randi "educational" foundation's financial connection to major U.S. military contractors explains why the JREF is so hostile to 9-11 truth.  The JREF is actually headquartered in the same building as General Dynamics - at 2941 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 105, Falls Church, Virginia.

Who is this depraved man and why is he supporting the official lies about what happened on 9-11?


"The Amazing Randi", (a.k.a. James Randi, born Randall James Hamilton Zwinge, August 7, 1928) is a Canadian-American stage magician and scientific skeptic, according to Wikipedia, "best known for his challenges to paranormal claims and pseudoscience."

Randi is also the founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), which is supposedly engaged in investigating paranormal, occult, and supernatural claims.  Often called a "debunker", Randi prefers to describe himself as an "investigator."

THE BANNER OF DEPRAVED LIARS - The JREF forum spends a great deal of time attacking me with slanderous comments meant to discredit me and my 9-11 research.  The comments are all written in proper English with correct punctuation, a good indication that the writers are professional disinfo agents.

One thing the JREF seems to specialize in is attacking the 9-11 truth movement and honest investigators like myself.  I recently came across a discussion forum from the JREF website where the anonymous posters who are members of the JREF forum discuss me in a way that is clearly designed to smear my name and discredit my research.  The heading for this discussion is "Why isn't Chris Bollyn a huge story in the conspiracy world?" 

The final comment by "Triterope", the poster who began the discussion, begins with these unkind words, which reveal how he really feels about me and my 9-11 research:

I know I shouldn't care about Chris Bollyn's drivel, but stuff like this makes me want to puke every time I read it:

Originally Posted by Christopher Bollyn
In a letter to Paul P. Moreschi, my second legal counsel, Dr. Shelton wrote: "Now I understand why Helje (Mrs. Bollyn) stated to me she is more afraid of living in this country now than she was under Soviet occupation of Estonia. Seeing your husband viciously attacked by undercover police without warning on your own property, then hearing them make false statements on the stand, seeing them falsify their records, hearing the prosecutor fabricating defamatory baseless statements, and then the judge and jury believing this story, would do this to you."

You know what, Chris? If America is worse than life in a Soviet satellite republic, LEAVE. Get the hell out of this country...

What I have found in more than 12 years of 9-11 research is that most people are supportive of truth-seekers like myself who have spent years of their lives investigating what really happened on 9-11.  The only people who spend their time attacking and slandering me like "Triterope" are paid disinfo agents.  To support the official lies about the mass murder and terrorism of 9-11 is utterly depraved and evil.  People like "Triterope" and James Randi have sold their souls to the master of deception.

In the following video, "Interview with James Randi on 9-11," Randi criticizes 9-11 truth seekers and claims to be an expert in deception. "As a magician, I know about deception.  I know two things with great certainty: how people are fooled, and more importantly, how they fool themselves. And that is my expertise."  His scathing criticism of 9-11 truth seekers, which he describes as crazy, stupid, and silly, and his support for the unproven official version of what caused the Twin Towers to fall strongly suggest that he is being paid to promote the government lies about 9-11.

Video Link -

To understand the relationship between James Randi and military contractors like General Dynamics, we need to look at how his foundation was created and where it is based.  The following is from the Wikipedia article on the JREF:

The JREF officially came into existence on February 29, 1996, when it was registered as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Delaware in the United States. On April 3, 1996 Randi formally announced the creation of the JREF through his email hotline:

“THE FOUNDATION IS IN BUSINESS! It is my great pleasure to announce the creation of the James Randi Educational Foundation. This is a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational foundation under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, incorporated in the State of Delaware. The Foundation is generously funded by a sponsor in Washington D.C. who wishes, at this point in time, to remain anonymous. ”
— The Foundation, Randi Hotline, Wed, April 3, 1996

We now know that the millionaire sponsor of the JREF is Richard L. Adams Jr., the former computer programmer for SAIC and DARPA's Center for Seismic Studies. Adams started as a programmer for San Diego-based Science Application International Corp. (SAIC) and went on to a position as a data-gathering specialist with the Center for Seismic Studies, an outfit hired by the U.S. Department of Defense to develop technology for nuclear testing violation detection.

Adams is famous for his role in developing UUNet, a backbone of the Internet, which was bought in 1996 by MFS Communications, formerly Kiewit Communications, which was then bought by MCI, which then went out of business in a huge bankruptcy case. MFS Communications began in 1988 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Kiewit Diversified Group Inc., which in turn was a wholly owned subsidiary of Peter Kiewit Sons' Inc., one of the largest construction and mining companies in the United States. The Kiewit family of Omaha does a great deal of business with the U.S. military.

Adams took UUNet public in 1995, and a year later agreed to a $2 billion buyout offer from MFS Communications, which was acquired by WorldCom shortly thereafter. An instant millionaire from the sale of UUNet, in 1996, Rick Adams donated one million dollars to the James Randi Educational Foundation and he has served as the treasurer of the tax-exempt "educational" foundation ever since.

Richard L. Adams Jr. is the millionaire sponsor of the JREF. He is also the landlord of General Dynamics corporate headquarters, which is his main tenant and occupies half of his building.

The JREF is located in Suite 105 of the 2941 Fairview Park Drive building, which is the business office of Rick Adams' 2941 Fairview Park Drive, LLC, who is the legal owner of the building. Adams' biggest tenant is General Dynamics, whose corporate headquarters leases half the building and has their main office just down the hall from Adams' office - in Suite 100.

The JREF tax filing for 2012 shows Rick Adams as unpaid treasurer of the foundation. Why would a millionaire businessman give his time and name to a bogus educational foundation run by a former stage magician who is strongly opposed to 9-11 truth?

The James Randi Educational Foundation, Inc. is registered at 2941Fairview Park Drive, in Suite 105.  This is also the registered address of the owner of the building, 2941 Fairview Park Drive, LLC, as well as several other companies associated with Rick Adams:  2900 Fairview Park Drive, LLC; 2941 Fairview, LLC; 2941, LLC; Fairview Property Development, LLC; Jose Alvarez Art Studio, LLC; and Northeast Quadrant Owners Association.

As the Washington real estate news website reported in 2008, "We had lunch last week with David Orr at that great 2941 restaurant in Fairview Park, and he seemed to know everyone who passed. Maybe that's because he built the building five years ago and even negotiated General Dynamics' 15-year lease for half the 390k SF space... Dave built the 2941 building for UUNet founder Rick Adams in 2001: a $36M building on spec, part of 1.5M buildable SF Adams bought in Fairview Park."

Rick Adams' 2941 Fairview Park Drive building is corporate headquarters for General Dynamics, a leading defense contractor controlled by the Crown family of Chicago.  General Dynamics and the Crown family have a vested interest in supporting the lies about 9-11: they profit greatly from the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan and the fraudulent "War on Terror."  To understand the Crown family's relationship to the 9-11 cover-up, I recommend reading my article, "JFK and 9-11: Henry Crown and the Cover-Ups of Our Time".

I called Rick Adams to ask about his relationship with the JREF but he refused to discuss it and hung up the phone.  I also called Daniel W. Denman, who works as a Director in the Division of Information Technology at the University of Maryland, but he also refused to discuss his role as a director and unpaid secretary of the JREF.  These men have a good reason for not wanting to discuss their work with the James Randi Educational Foundation with me - they know that they are involved in a very evil project to deceive the public about what really happened on 9-11.  To be involved in such an evil deception should make them wonder what they value in this life.

Daniel W. Denman at his day-job at the University of Maryland.

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