Friday, March 28, 2014


The Truth is Ineffable
by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                                   Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     Human thought might mirror language – I don’t know. You’d have to ask an expert in semiology or some such specialty. But let’s start this discussion at the beginning – since one of our biggest problems is that we tend to speak before thinking.
     I do know, though, that language, carefully-chosen or careless, directs, regulates, and controls thoughts much as a traffic cop directs traffic. And the recognized establishment (the élite) is the looming traffic cop as far as proper and permitted topics and permitted conclusions for the majority of members of society. Getting closer than that, in most cases, to who precisely decides these things – what may be brought up and discussed and what is germane to conclude – is hard to pinpoint. (Although a president warning that there are not to be any so-called “outrageous conspiracy theories” about 9/11 would be one clear-as-day exception to that. (As well as would be a president years later declaring that the whole matter was decided and concluded and the guilty role of Osama and the 19 “a fact”). And likewise significantly, a solemn religious service aired ubiquitously nationwide to extend sacred cover to 9/11 to suggestively exclude profane analysis of the monumental transgressions committed on that ineffable (meaning unmentionable, therefore unthinkable), yet all-too-commonly mis-referenced day.
     A more mundane example of speech directing thought: We never hear, as we once did, biofuels prominently referenced as substitutes calculated to wean us from petroleum dependence, even though the grain enthanol industry continues, offering a competitively-priced vehicle fuel that is up to 85% biofuel alcohol and only 15% petroleum. (Of cource, forward-looking Brazil was already running virtually all of its private motor vehicles on 100% sugarcane alcohol a quarter of a century ago). Thus, as many Midwesterners realize, in direct response to the predictable hostility to such a troublesome notion by the rich and powerful petroleum lobby, the very real possibility of wholesale substitution of petroleum by much cleaner and ultimately cheaper renewables has vanished from our collective radar. Of course, the oilers point out that the energy required to refine the alcohol from the source crop adds greatly to the expense. But, does this cost exceed that of recovering and refining gasoline – as well as the raw cost of trying to wrest possession of much of it from its far-away rightful owners by brutal military intervention, none of which they bother to mention? Doubtful.
     And who do you suppose largely owns the petroleum industry? Ditto the communications industry, the international drug trade, including “legal” pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and increasingly the related food industry and war materiel, communications, service industries of all kinds? Who owns anything, in fact, with truly high-end potential and earnings? Answer: the same stupendously-moneyed central banking and financial houses whose avatars literally pull the strings of the front- and shadow-governments of the world’s collection of puppet regimes.
     That’s the message of my last two articles – which largely drew dismissal or silence from the “knowing”. And some earlier postings alluded to it, too. I suggested that the amorphous organs of governance away up at the top where the real-life “Unitary Executive” holds imperceptible sway and has for decades, were likely the ultimate originators of the directed activity that surfaced on 9/11.
     And the response that commonly came back was, “You don’t know that”. Or, “How do you know that?” My answer: Because they’ve been ultimately responsible for creating virtually every other major shock event in the world over the past several decades. They’ve bragged about it a few times, and once or twice, most notably at the start of the 1930s Depression, the public has even fleetingly caught on. And, as for 9/11, these longest-shadow plotters pull the strings of the regimes most-commonly implicated in 9/11, the U.S. and Israel, and certainly (I believe) wouldn’t countenance any of their vassal states shaking up the world apart from the long-established command structure.
     So, I stand by the suggested partial list of the NWO’s habits of executive operation I offered last time. These are observable elements of their M.O.:
1)    The absolute exclusive and exclusionary worship and service of money. From top to bottom, money expresses irresistible power – buys access, installs personnel, prevails legally and legislatively, arbitrarily transfers ownership, commands “justice”, launches wars and governmental coups.
2)    Independence and unaccountability of a distinct governing class. Wealthy families and individuals are in fact a law apart. Citizenship rights of effective participation in and more than incidental benefits from governing have transferred almost entirely from ordinary citizens (regarded as so many street children) to corporations and primarily mega-corporations (the specialized investment tools of the top-level NWO associates and their operatives).
3)    Fabrication of truth. Bona fide scientific evidence is ignored unless useful to the NWO’s purpose. The “truth” is whatever the NWO announces it to be.
4)    Prior positive determination. Only the intents and purposes of the NWO determine the profile of events to unfold. Means are found to so reshape the toolkit and landscape accordingly. (9/11 is a good example: purpose determined, directive issued, means found or shaped to achieve.)
5)    Inconsideration of general welfare or collateral consequences. An operation (a war, 9/11, financial catastrophe, ecological or nuclear disaster, staged psy event), if deemed beneficial for an NWO purpose, adverse human or ecological cost is ignored. An objective is sometimes delayed to deceive the public, a false priority touted, or an egregious objective pursued or carried out beyond public view. But always in the name of the public.
6)    A subjective sanity norm. All meaningful dissenters from the “norm” (whatever the NWO’s decided intent is) are called “delusional” and “criminal”. (This week, Vladimir Putin, to be isolated for Russia’s holdout banking system independence (though no longer totally separate, if ever), similar to that of Libya previously, joined 9/11 in these assigned categories).
7       Association of operatives. Only the very topmost circles of global governing élite – central bank barons and top financiers primarily – are favorably served by NWO objectives. Subordinated associates and a myriad of front-line operatives in all capacities are fed with ample opportunities, stroked, and not-too-subtly reminded of the outer darkness and gnashing teeth or far worse awaiting nonconformity through constant real-life examples.
8.     Reckless enamorment with technology. Vast black budgets, producing futuristic gadgets and scientific means unknown to the rest of humanity, are robustly deployed to achieve NWO-determined purposes and objectives by their dominated militarily-organized and other agency operatives and arms
     And our usually-implicated gang of perps got 9/11 done. The real head-perps? At this point, if you mention them at all or suggest their involvement going forward still today, you’re automatically installed in the ranks of kookdom and cited and tweeted for buzzed delusionary ranting – due to someone somewhere controlling discourse to discourage investigation into precisely who those driven serial uber-powerful head-perps are and how they do what they do. So, call me crazy! Even you may, conditioned, scoff and dismiss. But, I’ll double down and win. It’s one world blanket shadow government, with Russia and China struggling on the outs as the “free” world totters sightless at the brink.

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