Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dr. David Griscom wins the 9/11 Physics Debate. No top scientists support the official story

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Dr. David Griscom recently won the 9/11 Physics Debate.
He has a PhD in Physics from Brown University, worked at the
Naval Research Lab for 33 years, was chosen by NASA as a
Principal Investigator of the Moon rocks, and published over 190 papers
in peer reviewed independent scientific journals, earning him a Hirsch
Index of 52 (a measure of his references in the scientific community).
No top scientists came forward to support the fishy official theory.
Not even NIST or JREF would speak out at the debate to defend it.
The links to hear and see the debate are at
Dr. Griscom covered the top 3 points from Physics that show
the official story of 9/11 is not in accord with the laws of nature.
Kevin Barrett, the host of No Lies Radio interviewed Dr. Griscom
as they tried to find someone with a PhD in Physics to compete
by March 1, and with a two week extension until March 15.
If no top scientists will speak out for the official 9/11 theory,
then how scientific is it? 
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