Friday, November 26, 2010

Why doesn't the TSA use dogs trained to sniff out explosives?

"a dog can detect dynamite through dirty diapers, or C4 through smelly socks. Whether providing explosives sweeps for a large venue or a smaller security detail, bomb dogs are more economical and effective than other methods of searching. Here are several reasons:"(link to source article is below)
  • Speed -- Dogs can check faster by smell than an Xray machine operator by sight.
  • Instant results -- They detect target odors "in real time" -- no waiting for lab results.
  • Mobility -- Dogs can check out large areas faster than any other method.
  • Versatility -- Explosive detection dogs can detect a wide variety of substances.
  • Precision -- Dogs can discriminate between very similar chemical compounds.
  • Focused -- Dogs can detect target odors in an environment so full of odors that electronic sensors may be compromised.
  • Ability to Find Source -- Only dogs can track chemical vapor to its exact source. No instrumental device is presently capable of doing this.
  • Fewer Breakdowns -- Dogs don't have mechanical failures and can quickly be replaced should the dog be ill or not want to work.
  • No power source required -- Dogs don't require electricity and can work in areas where power is unavailable.
  • Adaptable -- Dogs can check items and areas that won't fit in an Xray machine.
For military patrols throughout the world, a bomb sniffing dog can mean the difference between life and death. These "dogs of war" have saved countless lives and their record for finding hidden explosives has won them a loyal following. The soldiers trust these dogs more than metal detectors and mine sweepers.
Back on the home front, using bomb dogs reduces unnecessary evacuations. Dogs can check out suspicious packages, avoiding the need to call in a bomb squad (unless explosives are found) and reducing expensive company "down time."

Just think no more radiation, no more molestation. The dogs would ensure our safety, our Constitutional rights would be protected.
So why is this not an option?

An article on NPR states that bomb sniffing dogs are deployed to Afghanistan.
They save lives by detecting explosives from homemade bombs.
This is a simple but extremely effective solution for TSA.
Dogs can be trained to detect any kind of explosive.
TSA touches your junk because of the CIA sponsored underwear bomber.
If the underwear bomber had been sniffed by a dog with an explosive trained sniffer..NONE of that trash would ever have happened.
Perhaps that is the point.
It is very difficult to have false flag mini operations that continue the 9/11 terrorism regime agenda lies.....If the dog's nose can just simply put a stop to it.
It's time to bring in the dogs.