Thursday, November 18, 2010

The official 9/11 lie used by TSA as a reason to abuse children, women, and the handicapped

THIS is what the official 9/11 governmental conspiracy lie has wrought.
TSA officer pulls a child's underpants down in public and gropes her while child is screaming don't touch me in her Mothers arms.
an elderly gentleman in a wheel chair is detained because of a replaced knee and sits in his underwear in public.
a child with leg braces who cannot walk is told he would have to walk with out his braces through a scanner.
there's more horror stories and they just keep coming.
THIS is why it is important to expose the lie!
THIS is why 9/11 Truth is vitally important!
THIS is why we Truthers continue the fight .... because if we do not then what or who is gonna stop these kind of abominations carried out in the name of 9/11?

It is clear that the "terrorist "are working at the airports and that they are officially sanctioned by our government !