Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slicing Through Every Single 'Debunker' Argument, One at a Time

The last time civil engineer Jonathan Cole did an experiment for free that NIST couldn’t for millions 9/11 "debunker" Dr. Frank Greening had this to say, "I am prepared to admit that my initial proposal as to how steel was sulfided during the 911 events needs to be modified. Certainly it looks like diesel fuel, gypsum, concrete and aluminum alone are not going to do it ....."

Well, Mr. Cole is back and he's packing heat! Any other "debunkers" out there willing to admit you were wrong? We've already accepted your apology in advance National Geographic.

Keep in mind while watching this that the MIT article "Military Reloads with Nanotech" stated that nano-thermite "can increase the (chemical) reaction time by a thousand times."

The scientists report that the material found in the WTC dust is mixed in a sol-gel matrix with organic components and as an April 2000 report by Gash et. al. about the sol-gel process states, "Once dry the (hybrid inorganic/organic energetic composite) material burns very vigorously and rapidly with the evolution of significant amounts of gaseous species."

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