Sunday, June 21, 2009

Barry Jennings and Michael Hess - A detailed look

This video, made by JREFer AlienEntity, supposedly proves that there's nothing suspicious about Barry Jennings' story at all...

It's a pretty good video by debunker standards, but I do have some problems with it. For one thing Barry was sure he was inside on the 23rd when the second plane hit. Then again, as this video states, it does seem like a bit of a stretch that he would be able to drive to WTC7, park up, meet Hess, go up to the 23rd floor, go back down and go back up again in only 17 minutes so let's assume he was mistaken and let's go with the official timeline and assume he and Hess entered the 23rd floor shortly after it was officially evacuated and let's assume they didn't try to leave until after the south tower had came down - as implied in the BBC documentary.

A big stretch in my mind is the idea that it would take them half an hour just to go down 17 floors! Especially when you consider that, in the BBC documentary, he said he was "jumping landings"!

Another thing, in the BBC documentary Barry said (when he made it down to the sixth floor) "there was this eerie sound, the whole building went dark, and the landing that we were standing on gave way". Now if AlienEntity's timeline is correct, shouldn't the building have already been dark? What with all the electrical power being shut off at 9:59?

And of course there's the biggest problem of all - they were on the NORTH SIDE of the building. In his interview with Dylan and Jason he said "When I was on the stairs I saw 'north side'." He also described how he was blown back by the force of the blast.

Even if he was on the sixth floor when the north tower came down, how could falling debris (or should I say "implausible far-flung debris"?) hitting the SOUTH side of the building create an UPWARD, EXPLOSIVE force, sufficient to destroy a landing all the way on THE OTHER SIDE?

Giving Hess the final word in the video is a bit rich considering he's Giuliani's lawyer and obviously has a vested interest in defending the official story. He wouldn't lie now would he?

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