Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BBC 7/7 "Documentary": Just a hitpiece, or something more sinister?

Last night the BBC aired another of its hatchet jobs on the truth and patriot movements. This one concerning the London attacks of July 7th, 2005.

Even by the BBC's standards this was a pathetic attempt at debunking. Much of the program was spent debunking unimportant issues and old arguments. At one point they actually even brought up the sign on the bus that said "Outright Terror: Bold and Brilliant" and potrayed it as if we consider it a key piece of evidence.

They brought up Peter Power's mock terror drills and downplayed the extraordinary coincidence, while making no mention of the fact that on 9/11 there were also drills taking place simultaneously that were eerily like the attacks - OKC as well, which is the main reason the drills are so suspicious.

To the BBC's credit, they did mention the fact that metal and tiles were blown upwards by the train blasts. They even interviewed the survivor who made that statement and made it clear that he supported alternative theories. However, this evidence was glossed over.

Just like their 9/11 hitpieces, they did not actually defend the official story. They simply restated the official narrative as if it was a proven fact and then attempted to disprove alternative theories without responding to criticisms of the official narrative. They made out that there was a massive amount of concrete evidence to support the official story and no evidence to support alternative theories. In reality of course, it's the other way around. The official narrative has been torn apart by many researchers. The film "Ludicrous Diversion" does not even pose alternative theories, it simply points out the many flaws in the official narrative.

Much of the program was spent examining the effect the film "7/7 Ripple Effect" had on the muslim world. Brian Paddick, a Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner, argued in the piece how he felt it was important that the "conspiracy theories" be refuted as they could potentially make it more difficult to prevent "further atrocities". This is a dangerous spin. As if the "tin foil hat" stereotype wasn't enough, the BBC are actually subtly implying that these alternative theories are potentially dangerous and by questioning 7/7 you are promoting islamic extremism!

Throughout the program several attempts were made to portray 7/7 truthers as mentally unstable and dangerous individuals. Threatening emails to a Controlled Demolition company and Peter Power were mentioned and a video clip of WeAreChange UK "harassing" Peter Power was shown. Muad'Dib's anonymity was potrayed as "sinister" and his arrest was mentioned, as was the fact that he believes that he is the messiah. Kollerstrom 's holocaust denial was also mentioned and throughout the program, numerous comparisons were made to 9/11, thereby linking the 9/11 truth movement with all of this as well. It was as if you were watching Glenn Beck.

Towards the end of the program, the BBC mentioned that Tony Gosling was planning on working closer with the Muslim community. They even mentioned an event that is going to take place on the 4th anniversary of the attacks at the Birmingham Central Mosque. It seems strange that the BBC would mention this. Was this program just a typical hitpiece? Or was it some kind of preconditioning/predictive programming to associate 9/11 and 7/7 researchers with Islamic extremism in preparation for a false flag attack that will be used to defame us further?

After the establishment's lame attempts to link Von Brunn and 9/11 Truth, it honestly wouldn't surprise me. This is after all the same corporation that put out a propaganda piece in 2004 called "London Under Attack" which discussed the response to a simulated terrorist attack on three tube trains - effectively predicting 7/7 with Lone Gunmen like precision. Interesting how they made no mention of that in their hitpiece.

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