Friday, May 19, 2023

These are companies I'm forever boycotting and why, but do what you want...

These are companies I'm forever boycotting and why, but do what you want... 

So, for starters let's cut off a few BS things at the pass. I'm not homophobic and I supported gay marriage before Obama, as in forever in my life before the time he flip flopped and bomb dropped an awful lot of African countries. I also grew up in a largely black area of Indianapolis and was involved in activism there to protect blacks against racism and now appreciate blacks who do the same for me in reverse. Not to be confused with reverse racism, there is, in a literal sense, no such thing. There is only racism. 

I'm also just fine with trans people in general and a big fan of some, like the confusingly beautiful, Blaire White. :P The activist types, however, tend to overreach very far in one direction unfortunately.  Furthermore, I'm also not one who personally minds calling someone their preferred pronouns, but if I think their choices are silly or illogical I won't hold back those thoughts

The thing is, I'm also liberty/constitutionally minded and thus leery AF of any facsimile of institutionally compelled speech. There are demonstrably some slippery slopes ahead. The road to hell paved with good intentions was walked along clearly for all to see in the now echoed Chinese cultural revolution of the past. That shit show clearly should block the path of any like-minded future travelers, but alas many must have missed that apparently non-existent class?   

Colorado teacher calls for 'FORCEFUL cultural revolution' targeted at 'whiteness'

Mom who survived Mao's cultural revolution rips school for critical race theory

I apologize for using FOX News as a source for the above two links. They are on my shit list, but not totally banned. Just mostly. :) 

I also a big fan of women too. Some examples include Wonder WomanHarley Quinn, my mom and my wife. I'm anti-racism, but I'm proudly old school and that includes against White People. I'm all for sensible progress though! So it's not about any isms or phobes. It's about protecting childrenparental rights, companies and celebrities not exploiting their default pole position in public discourse, and people realizing their is a culturally manipulative, anti-human and anti-American globalist agenda with an MO of tyranny afoot.

It's also about the state of affairs being hijacked by minority positions that statistically speaking cannot be justified in the amount of hyper-focus they receive in the culture. It's also about ending manipulation of human emotions to divide and conquer moderates and civil debaters out of existence, in large part, because they understand that censorship is dangerous and that is the very reason free speech protections exist. Finally, it's about ending the discrimination against proud conspiracy theorists with good batting averages like that of, Alex Jones, who filled his "Alex Jones Was Right" style swear jar with coinage.  

Anyways, the following companies are exposed in the videos at the link below and none will get any future financial support from yours truly moving forward. The vid collection contains much more info on why these companies are pissing people off vs. the fake news explanation of what is happening. The facts of the matter are discussed at length in all of them.