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"This is from your source and details the exact nuances of what I told you (concluded spanking affect white people different from other races):"

This page provides links to research on corporal punishment and some critique of the anti-spanking research.
Not an endorsement of all the other material. Some valid points surely exist there despite the offensiveness, but must be evaluated on its own merits and is largely beyond the scope of this exercise...

Some of these studies can be used in statistics and research design courses to illustrate methodological flaws than can occur in psychological research. These studies also illustrate the importance of going to the original sources and not relying on the media or other secondary sources when studying an area of research.

Gunnoe & Mariner (1997) Toward a Developmental-Contextual Model of the Effects of Parental Spanking on Children's Aggression. This well designed study critically examines the claim that spanking teaches children that physical aggression can be used appropriately in conflict situations and reaches a different conclusion than reported in the Straus study... This study was only recently reported in the media.

Straus, Sugarman & Giles-Sims (1997) Spanking by Parents and Subsequent Antisocial Behavior of Children. This study was widely and sometimes uncritically reported in the media in the summer of '97.

Critique Larzelere provides an evaluation of the study reported by Straus, Sugarman & Giles-Sims (1997)

Combining Love and Limits in Authoritative Parenting: A Conditional Sequence Model of Disciplinary Responses This paper was presented at the Parenthood in America Conference held in Madison, Wisconsin April 19-21, 1998...

Spare the Rod? Den A. Trumbull, M.D. and S. DuBose Ravenel, M.D. respond to various objections to the use of corporal punishment and offer guidelines for disciplinary spanking.

Sweden This paper explores whether the 1979 Swedish law against all corporal punishment has been associated with a reduction in child abuse.

TIME Magazine One of the better reviews in the popular media of the Straus et al. study appears in the April 14, 1997 issue of TIME.

USNEWS & World Report. Another excellent review of the whole issue of corporal punishment appears in the April 13, 1998 issue of USNEWS.

Bibliography Larzelere has published a number of studies and literature reviews which examine the effects of nonabusive spanking on young children.

The problem is that pro-spanking re-search is totally taboo, and this warps "science".