Sunday, September 11, 2022


DJ Thermal Detonator, an accomplished amateur filmmaker of many 9/11 films, provides the public with a detailed and factually accurate account of the Logan airport anomalies involving the suspects who hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175. Using national news reports the film is remarkably lucid in describing for the viewer, the Logan, Dulles, Newark, and national airports security lapses in which additional weapons were found by airline staff on other airliners that day and in the days where the national lock-down of all airlines was lifted. The film also reveals to the viewer obscure public reports regarding internal security breaches which may have had airline employees who were ''sympathetic" to those involved with the "planes operation". While denouncing the lack of a proper investigation by two congressional inquiries regarding extra hijackers and their affiliates employed within the airports nationwide, it is highly suspect this resoundingly important issue would be ignored altogether. Those assisting the hijacking teams, employees at Logan specifically, were reported in the preceding days of September 11th by CNN and CBS, however, this pertinent report went largely unacknowledged. Not just by the public, but also, from the Department of Justice as well. Were the items found at the White Mitsubishi parked at Logan airport evidence of additional suspects involved with the plot? Were there additional suspects employed by American Airlines, United airlines as well as Logan, involved in the planting of weapons on the hijacked airliners as well as additional planes where weapons were found? Who was Mohamed Atta and why did he stay in Portland Maine the night before? Were there more airliners targeted at Logan? Who financed these additional operatives in Boston in which during an FBI investigation uncovered that credit cards were used, some in the name of the suspects involved in the hijackings? Were the airline tickets purchased in cash or credit card by the suspects or those affiliated with the suspects? Were the hijackers of Flight 11 and 175 already in the cockpit before the planes took off? The film answers those questions and more. Making "Inside Job Boston Logan 9/11: Cover-ups, Aborted Hijackings & Expositions" absolutely recommended viewing for the layman and serious investigator into the events of September 11th, 2001.
1. Introduction:
2. 00:06:57 The first 11 days news - Chronology of misreporting and cover-ups identifying 9/11 hijackers
3. 00:19:07 Discoveries of Atta rental car and Logan Airport
4. 00:26:55 Portland and Boston Preparations Questioned and Challenged
5. 00:37:24 Logan and Airline Ticket Transactions Challenged
6. 00:42:12 The Ventura revelation - Logan Fights instantly off normal route from departure, Flight 175 near mid-air collisions and phone calls
7. 00:50:37 Flight 11 phone calls and anomalies on hijacking take over
8. 00:58:15 History of Atta riding jump-seats
9. 01:06:02 Mohamed Atta at two places at the same time - The possible double claim
10. 01:13:14 Atta, al-Omari, and Banihammad’s Canadian connections in Maine, from Bangor to Jetport
11. 01:2:37 A closer examination of Atta and al-Omari’s official activity in Portland Maine with a possibility of other accomplices within their presence
12. 01:30:17 Three additional targeted Airliners at Logan; Delta Flight 1989, American Airlines flight 43, and United Airlines Flight 163
13. 01:41:08 Past Airport and Airline security vulnerabilities with Atta witnessed previously at Logan
14. 01:46:01 Israeli Mossad Intrigues surrounding Atta .+ OKC and other Canada links
15. 01:56:58 When Logan reopened afterward on 9/15, possibility Delta Flight 1069, TWA Flight 192, and other flights were targeted
16. 02:02:18 The Urban Moving Systems van outside of Boston, possible direct Israeli-Mossad coordination with the attacks from Logan
17. 02:15:43 KSM confession contradictions with the Boston Logan cover
Source: Truther TV

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