Saturday, November 28, 2020

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees In The New Age of Dis-Ease - A Warning You Might Be Damned If You Don't Read and Heed. Poem, For Those Scared of Novel COVID but Not the Novel Purported Cure/Poke. Who Also Hated Trump and Think That Those Who Laugh In the Face of Facemasks Are All Asses Who Are The Joke. Who Think Conspiracy Theorist Is a Disparaging Term. If That Describes You At All, There's Some Other Shit Here That You Ought To Learn...


Seeing the Forest Through the Trees In The New Age of Dis-Ease - A Warning You Might Be Damned If You Don't Read and Heed. Poem, For Those Scared of Novel COVID but Not the Novel Purported Cure/Poke. Who Also Hated Trump and Think That Those Who Laugh In the Face of Facemasks Are All Asses Who Are The Joke. Who Think Conspiracy Theorist Is a Disparaging Term. If That Describes You At All, There's Some Other Shit Here That You Ought To Learn...

Sick to death of the NPC disease called TDS. Do they catch it from lizard men mind control? Or from subliminals beamed through their fake news TV sets? In the 1960's they all watched the National Anthem at the end of programming. Have you seen They LiveThey hid the messages that government was God, to consume, and obey. Truth trumps fiction is a thing they say. Or hey, maybe it's the 5G? Or it could be these jets spraying tic tac toe patterns and they breath that mess. Tongue half in my cheek as I speak. You can see me jest. But ideas as causation for TDS, listen man, just out of hand, they can't be dismissed. But they're not teflon, lead proof, these bullets are kinda far out, so maybe a tad more than maybe they miss. It's a clown world, so there's your intro dose of some crazy-ish quip. It gets mostly heavy from here on out, so a cup of joe you should maybe get. Or you should maybe get!

But really what is it in between you and me, them and us. That makes us calm in the storm, this while we see them fuss. Me thinks Post-birth abortion might be a clue to trust. That there's a force unseen that we see and trust. While materialism and atheism, we can see intellectually they bust. While we're not all dogmatic, we're pragmatic in that we see we just, know that all we know, is small like a seed of must. Turds all these nerds, are a seedy bunch. It's just a hunch, but a spiritual bankruptcy seems to lead to brains of mush. It's clear their out to lunch and they drank the poison punch.

Demons feed on fear, is this sage advice? All I know, is that they say love is the only other choice. And when you choose the latter, it activates a much more proactive, than reactive, litter inner voice. That leaves logic and critical thinking, as the clear seemly choice. While they confuse feels for facts, and don't fact check that noise. It's authoritarian, orwellian, versus our free speech voice. That they remove by force 'cas we don't consent by choice. Land of the free, oh boy, turned into hell and then, home of the brave will be enslaved by unconstitutional mask mandates their peddlin. On the other side, censored experts are steady tellin' them, that a level 4 containment suit, is needed to boot out the thing their yellin' is. A plandemic. Not a typo the "l" I meant it. That movie is not debunked, so fuck that noise, just forget it! Silenced doctors and scientists are tellin' them, that exosome 5G research is not only relevant. But would also explain why HCQ treatment works, but the jerks killed untold numbers 'cas they committed to underselling it, banning its use, and even speech that speaks of dispelling myths. Like namely, that the brainy, have developed lists, proof that vast majority of studies have found that it's safe, and OTC we should be sellin' it. Also, Doctors worldwide are rebelling against, lockdowns, 'cas solutions can't be worse than the problem their allegedly up against.

We say no 5G in my neighborhood. You know the damn governments up to no good. People say we should blow up some damned towers. Like they did on 9/11, make the mother fuckers sour.

Fight the power, the radiation shower, the oxygen devorered, COVID not yet isolated and proven despite claims to the counter. But it surely is a cover, cowards. Doctor Buttar dot com, bitch it's on, concrete Vietnam. A mask. What a gas. That's like sayin' a chain link fence wouldn't let a bug pass. That's a fact. It's a wrap, if we don't our country back. CDC said most that got sick always wore masks. Where's the sense in a result like that? So get off of Hunter Biden's crack, step up, or step back. People talkin' shit can kiss my nutsack! I'm gettin' censored, which means I'm catching the flack, which means I'm over the target, so what ya think about that?

Let's pretend the drop in rates of pneumonia and influenza. Where many charts dropped like rock to the bottom, and then was, the beginning of where the COVID numbers rocketed and end up. Yeah let's invent up some nonsense up, like counting deaths up, with respiratory symptoms, as a death from that very thing, even with co-morbidities like geriatric, heart disease, cardiac arrests, dumb! We never did that shit with any such category of this said disease. The PCR tests, bitch please! The inventor said it wasn't created in any way at all to diagnose such a disease. Symptoms alone, have even been massively used to take the pen and mark a another positive stat down, to add to scare column and cause dis-ease. And that's the real disease, can give a fuck what you believe, 'cas of your CIA media, boob tube, machine. With hypnotic flicker rates that allow the left brain to take in suggestions, that the right brain then believes. Turn the idiot box off for a couple weeks, click these links, and start to read. Then you might see why I'm gettin' mighty peeved. makes a sick joke out the, "no evidence of voter fraud" claim, that a clear brain when unwashed sees. COVID vaccine, mighty fast work for a virus. The common cold and HIV are now thinking we're either spineless or we're mindless, or just happy 'cas nobody cared enough to put those things decades ago behind us. 

But ya'll woke, so take that poke, it's novel too like claimed target virus. Yeah, we never tried this, but trust us you must try this! Doctor warns that COVID-19 vaccine could alter your DNA, that's one of the headlines that the fact checkers will censor and say that they have squared away. Why are many Mark of the Beast Christians, no longer scared of this prophecy today? Why risk it, when the CDC said those under 70 have a 1% chance of passing away. No matter how ya cut it, high 90 percentile chance for any age to live another day. Plus, HCQ works equally as well, meaning percentages equally as high, when it's taken at early onset of symptoms and a z-pack and high dose zinc are combined. Word to the wise. Quercetin and quinine are ebay items you can buy, that when combined have the same mode of action as the hydroxychloroquine. Natural antibiotics abound and synthetic too you can buy at certain retailers of pet supplies. They don't sell them for human use, but search engines will tell you which ones that you could try and stock up on supply. But you rather take a vaccine pushed hard by a computer non-medical expert guy, who wants human life, like a commodity you can buy, to decrease sharply in supply. When you investigate all of his views you will see the reason why and it hasn't been debunked, that's junk. He wants people to die. Sustainability is his stated reason why. He's the chess master and you're the pieces to this guy. He's a piece of shit that's why and he's far from alone. It's the End Game, like that film from Alex Jones. It's censored on the net, get yourself a copy you should own it and loan it ones you know. Or you can just go with, being a bonehead and test his theory that 5 to 10 years down the line, that poke will leave you the butt of the joke and, just a grinning skull and pile of bones to burn to dust and send your surviving family members home with. 

Maybe you can't think 'cas your mask is stealing your oxygen away. Oh, by the way, little kids brains are active like a storm and building new pathways, so they need more oxygen than you do to develop in a healthy way. If you have your way, and keep contrary thoughts away, they'll be more sheepish than you as their suffocated brains, don't develop into free thinking free Americans, but instead to compliant little slaves.

For me Heaven awaits. Lord knows me am not a saint, but my line in the sand is aligned with the way, truth, and life, of a man who they say passed away, but debunked death and came back to say, hey it's me and I can't stay, was he a spirit? I can't say, but either way he dropped a line to the end of time that he transcended the grave. Tibetan rainbow body monks they do similar shit to this very day. A Catholic Priest heard this and had to investigate. He and other colleagues concluded that the thought it was but one man to be taken as an article of faith, wasn't really that way. Did you know? What can I say? The globalist powers that be keep that kinda important shit at bay. It's a battle for control. If there's a battle for your soul. Ask yourself why I know this and you don't, or why they could tell you, but they won't. History is watching and the wrong side is what you've chose, while pompously you prose, that's it's you who's the one in the know. And it's a shame that I refuse their poke, or cover up my oxygen delivery system of my mouth and two holes in my nose.

You know two holes you wouldn't know, the difference between? Oh here we go, was your best guess your ass and hole you dug for yourself, that in I refuse to go? I can be mean, I know. But being awakened can follow being provoked. Here's to keeping the faith, that your fate is better than those, who knew better, but still this path they chose. But I guess if you read this, you can't say that you didn't know, 'cas you were eloquently and compellingly told.