Sunday, February 3, 2019

Why Is Everyone Upset with Joe Rogan

Why Is Everyone Upset with Joe Rogan

Truth Teller's Radio
So it's not possible to commune with evil entities on DMT? It's not possible to be paid off by the CIA to tout certain narratives? Is is possible Joe Rogan is just a dick? Sure. But Alex isn't that off base and maybe he does know some things you don't. Owen Benjamin, when speaking with Alex, said he knows things about Rogan that would shock people.
Do any of these dots below connect to explain Joe Rogan's and Jack Dorsey's douchery? That's all Alex is asking us to ponder. Maybe he is convinced or knows something, but begging the question however he presents it is legit. There is a dark side to hallucinogenics and these guys have went to that side one way or another. Graham Hancock - Spriits, fairies, aliens are all experiences in altered states of consciousness: People in California are microdosing on LSD — and they say it's making them more productive: Hi, I'm Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter. When I'm not actively boosting BLM or virtue signalling, I can be found drinking peyote in Central America or silencing victims of Harvey Weiner on Twitter by banning their accounts after they go public... Acid flashback: CIA's mind-control experiment reverberates 40 years after hearings: More JFK Files Revelations: CIA Employed 40 Journalists: The CIA Commits Over 100,000 Serious Crimes Each Year:

i Balkanizze
Joe is in full cuck-mode. He's afraid to ask the tough questions and his choice of guests has been terrible lately. He might have been warned. Sad.

Joe was also a conspiracy nut at one point. He likely chose money over truth

Alex Jones has known Joe Rogan since the 90s. He has legit reasons to be angry with him.

I stopped watching Rogan after he shit on his mates, he's too scared of losing his platform, he won't speak out about the sensorship that is going on in social media!

Eric Linz

Yeah, Alex Jones called it.

If it wasn't for Alex Jones we wouldn't know either of these two dude's in this video... 💡

Never had a twit account, wish they would quit sending me emails..... ✌ 

Boner Thompson
They both made documentaries with Jones, Jones promoted them, they are ass whipes 

HillbillyNitro USA @Boner Thompson 
yep. AJ is who made Loose Change so popular. If I'm not mistaken he played a role in re-producing the film or something like that. But pi$$ on on AJ because he is of no use to them now, right? Funny how that works...

Brett Zierath6 hours ago @HillbillyNitro USA 
he produced Loose Change Final Cut, probably the best one. has great info with WTC floor plans 

Truth Teller's Radio HillbillyNitro USA
Yeah, I mean LC was popular before, but Final Cut was next level and Alex gave Bermas a platform on infowars and made him well known as an individual, whereas Dylan Avery got most of the LC limelight before.

Talus Tanat
Dude, promoting Fake News about Alex Jones is tasteless, even as a joke. Not to mention I think I recall you promoting David Icke in the past...David Icke actually believes all the crazy stuff falsely attributed to Alex Jones. I'm not saying Alex Jones is a great person either, but we come to you guys for the truth...not jokes.

Whole Armour Ministries
Bermas... please stahp. Jones doesn't sound like Macho Man lol. Maybe lay off the atrozine.


Joe Rogan is right about Alex Jones being right about a lot and more than he knows...