Sunday, February 24, 2019

Monatomic Gold Powder for Cancer

On the radio program Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis his wife told her account of how she was lit up like a Christmas tree on a cancer scan and how she cured herself. She achieved this she said by militant fasting, essentially not eating for a very long time, and by using the following detailed substance, along with colloidal silver, colloidal platinum, a few other such substances, and food grade hydrogen peroxide.

There are also accounts of people saying this substance made them look and feel younger as well as grew new hair and made gray disappear.

Excerpt from the Nick Redfern's New World Order Book:

Monatomic Gold Powder

Longstanding rumors suggest that the senior figures within the New world Order are seeking to achieve something we all would like to achieve: physical immortality.  It is believed that the New World Order is focusing its efforts on what is known as monatomic gold powder.  More than four decades ago, David Hudson, an Arizona-based farmer whose income was derived from cotton, developed a keen interest in what is now known as the aforementioned monatomic gold powder, or, the aforementioned white powder gold.  Although Hudson worked in the field of farming, he spent a great deal of his spare time focusing on the theme of alien immortality.  As his work and research progressed, Hudson gave a name to the mystery he uncovered and, finally, understood.  He termed it Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, or ORME, which also just happens to be the ancient Hebrew term for nothing less than the Tree of Life, which is just about the most appropriate and relevant terminology of all.

Many of Hudson's investigations led him down a pathway toward the mysteries of the atom and to very surprising results concerning what is concerning what is termed nucleus deformation. in Simple terminology, during such deformation, the nuclei - the core - of monatomic matter performed in a decidedly strange fashion, and is and its configuration was altered.  Hudson found that this specifically occurred in what are termed precious metals.  Within the particular class are silver, palladum, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium, iridium, platinum...and gold.  Dan Sewell Ward says of this issue: "Within the new configuration, the atoms interact in two dimensions, with the super-deformed nuclei reaching high spin, low energy states.  In this state the elements become perfect superconductors, with their electrons combining in 'Cooper Pairs' and thus becoming photons of light."

Jim Marrs notes the most eye-opening aspect of this issue: "When reaching this state, the electrons turn to pure white light, and the individual atoms separate, producing a white monatomic powder."

Ward says that a careful study of all the data - ranging from the scientific to the folkloric - suggests Hudson tapped into something which has the ability to utterly transform the human body, making amazing and positive changes to DNA, and even reversing the ravages caused by the likes of cancer and other potentially fatal conditions and leading us toward the door marked "Immortality."...

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David Hudson | ORMUS Conference Enota 2011 [FULL VIDEO]

There also are lots of cures for cancer but the Big Pharma suppress it.


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