Friday, October 27, 2017

The Red Pill Black Saga

6oodfella 1 day ago
Those who criticise her are being paid to do so, oh, and Russia totally hacked the election too, and I also have a bridge for sale if anyone wants to buy it.

Let's be honest, people on the right were fawning over her because she's a black woman. There are dozens of white men who have been making the same points for years on YT, along she comes, 2 months and 3 videos later, and BAM, every right-leaning person wants to promote her. It took Sargon years before any of the big names invited him on their shows, she's around for 2 fucking seconds and they're all falling over themselves to have her on. It's so obvious.

"Hey look, everyone, a black chick who totally gets it, and she's like, black and stuff, wow"

Editor's Note/Reply: I posted a wee-bit of her material but also avoided promoting some because I was seeing that proverbial red flag.


This is similar to something I've been saying. When people haven't earned their stripes and we build them up too fast for any reason, it isn't fair to those that have been putting the work in and is dangerous. We run the risk of things like this happening because these individuals haven't been properly vetted. Red Pill Black Hate Dangerous Website Seeking Your IP Address - Red Pill Black - Candace Owens Wants To Dox Us For Typing Mean Words!!!:
'InfoWars' Pitchman Alex Jones Pushes Supplements With Dangerous Levels Of Lead - Lead Contamination in Bone Broth: Infowars Needs to Cut Ties with Con Artist Laura Loomer!!!: