Saturday, October 7, 2017

Infowars Needs to Cut Ties with Con Artist Laura Loomer!!!

"Your hair and your eyes look so good, you're like so beautiful. Like an Aryan degenerate Goddess. I love it." "They're just jealous because I have big tits and Ashkenazi IQ." - Laura Loomer

She's a con artist. Beware

‘Free Laura’ Website Set Up Before Activist Ever Interrupted Shakespeare Play [VIDEO]:

Was The Rebel's Laura Loomer's Stage Crash A Publicity Stunt? Accounting Is Needed: 

Laura Loomer Claims to Have Tires Slashed, But They Appear to Have Blown Out on the Road: 

Laura Loomer Crowd Sources Nose Job from WeSearchR?: 

Conservative Jewish Female Journalist Laura Loomer Gets Daily Stormer Chat Room Shut Down:

Laura Loomer plays Race Card on Baked Alaska Memes: 

Rebel Media is done. Southern & Posobiec take hush money. - The Demise Of The Rebel Media - What You Need To Know - Why Everyone's Leaving Rebel Media - Faith Goldy: fired by failing Rebel Media for talking to edgy Alt-Right podcast:

Zack Osborn 8 minutes ago 
Laura Loomer is a new low to Infowars, she is a con-artist who has demonstrated nothing but superficial talking points and beliefs and clearly has ulterior motives not conducive to the American people. Everything she has gotten in trouble for/gotten attention for has been nothing but amateur right-wing virtue signaling.

Steve Bannon 6 hours ago 
Laura Loomer's "sources". Alex get rid of her man, she is fake AF. She is just regurgitating speculation that has already been spun.

Thomas Cuckington 4 hours ago 
Laura Loomer is an EMBARRASSMENT. Alex needs to stop having her on... she stinks.


suzanne2961 1 day ago 
Just want to add that you should look at Laura Loomer’s history before believing anything she says. 

Over the summer she set up a go fund me and then got arrested at Shakespeare in the park to make money off donations. A few weeks later she claimed her obviously rotted tire was sliced by someone out to get her to get more donations.

meilursa 45 points 23 hours ago 

she's an idiot attention seeker with a non-existent moral barometer. she does not back down when proven wrong. it's crazy.


anon eemus 8 hours ago

REPLY 8 Wasabi Script
Say it more specifically, Loomer is a charity fraud.

Pepperless 8 hours ago
Laura loomer is a frAud

Wasabi Script 8 hours ago
Pepperless A charity fraud is more accurate, she and Ezra at Rebel Media keep all the money they gather primarily through email requests and petitions. It has been exposed, just YouTube it.