Wednesday, May 28, 2014

NMSR´s Dave Thomas Has a Melt-Down As His Conduct Is Exposed

I exposed Dave´s shameful behavior in an article posted on April 21, 2014, called Steel-Wool Iron Spheres Debunked Again: Shame on NMSR´s Dave Thomas. The article debunks Dave´s claim of getting "iron spheres" via burned steel-wool, since the alleged iron spheres are neither iron nor spheres. It also uncovers the fact that Dave continued to advertize iron, even though his buddy Oystein had called him out on the JREF forum for making "a false statement" regarding iron...Oystein had noticed that Dave´s EDS readings actually showed iron-oxide.

Dave´s ranting response on his NMSR webpage is one for the records: Dave is telling his followers that I am lying when I say he did not retract the false statement, because he did respond to Oystein by editing the length of the video - and my original article (now updated) did not mention the editing. The editing did not matter, however, because it did NOT actually retract the false claim - instead Dave simply removed the EDS section that exposed the false claim!

Dave also implies I am lying because he may have removed other false claims besides those addressed in my April 21 article, but that is irrelevant even if true. This gives you a very good insight into the mentality of one Dave Thomas, who continues to advertize the video with the same old false statements about "iron" and "spheres" on his webpage - Dave Thomas on May 28, 2014:
" the video on NMSR's YouTube channel, 'theNMSR', in which a BIC lighter is used to burn steel wool, creating numerous iron microspheres without any Thermite at all!"
It should be noted for context, that Dave has not bothered to retract other false statements from his NMSR webpage either, even though his JREF colleague Chris Mohr has noted them:

And see the article that Dave could not respond to:

Finally, for better understanding of Dave´s desperation, see this article: