Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Quick Debunking of Flight 800 Propaganda (the ridiculous zoom climb without the forward section)

If you are interested in air crash investigations and cover-ups ...

The following clip about the 'crash' of Flight 800, in 1996, is an example of the authorities (FBI-NTSB) trying to push a completely false account of what happened - despite numerous eyewitnesses and physical evidence that utterly refutes their version of events.

The relevant part starts at 18:30 and continues until about 25:40.

The person who made this clip, who is obviously well read when it comes to the official story, is either too naïve to understand what happened, or is a paid propagandist trying to put out material in light of a recent documentary on this disaster - in which ex-NTSB officials admit that the FBI, and their own bosses, organised a cover-up to hide evidence that the aircraft had been struck by surface to air missile(s).

According to the now retired officials, the aircraft was lost due to an external initiating event, not a centre fuel tank explosion. The clip above twists the witness statements saying they only looked in the direction of the aircraft after there was an explosion. Actual interviews with many witnesses show that they observed the missile-like object(s) first before seeing the aircraft explode. The FBI changed the witness statements or mischaracterised them. There were protests about this during the investigation.

The most glaring error in the featured clip is the recreation of the 747 climbing after its nose section allegedly fell off because 'it was now lighter and the engines were on full throttle'. This fiction was made up by the cover-up artists to try and explain away the eyewitnesses to the missile(s). The propagandists 'explained' that the witnesses simply saw burning fuel or contrails after hearing the explosion. According to them, the burning fuel came out as the aircraft climbed which 'accounted' for the 'flare-like light rising from the ocean' described by many witnesses. The FBI-NTSB even got the CIA (no kidding) to make a cartoon film (recreation) showing the 747 climbing without its heavy nose section.

The problem is that when a 333 ton aircraft loses 50+ tons of weight - all of it forward the wings - the centre of gravity (the balance of the aircraft) immediately shifts towards the tail. When this happens the aircraft is no longer balanced on its wings, which it needs to do to maintain lift. The plane basically flips backwards and then goes down (it stalls) - the same as if you had a model glider and then cut a large chunk of the nose off and then threw it. The centre of gravity on an aircraft is vital.

What is being dramatically presented here is literally impossible. If you know anything about aircraft design and construction then this part of the story is obviously rubbish.

One thing that is important to the case, as revealed in the clip, is the fact that Flight 800 passed through, or near, a US Navy missile testing area.  

(Note: I ran into the propaganda clip the other day and it bugged me because many people will end up believing it. The dramatization will 'convince' a majority of viewers since most people have little understanding when it comes to the basic principles of flight. Below I've added the best documentary on the incident that came out in the year 2000. The recent doco on the same event came out late last year, or early this year - which featured ex-NTSB officials confirming what was reported in the 2000 doco.)

Silenced: Flight 800 And The Subversion Of Justice