Friday, June 7, 2013

Cracked writers puts nine seconds of research into conspiracy debunking article

5 Conspiracy Theories That Are Shockingly Easy to Debunk

From #3: "Conspiracy theorists like Rosie O'Donnell like to rattle off statistics like how the towers fell in nine seconds, which just happens to be free-fall speed. But nine seconds is more likely the amount of time that Rosie put into researching the issue..."

*Sigh*. Here we go again. Let's see...

#5 - Straw man - Alleged problems with the 'magic bullet' theory aren't the strongest reason to doubt the mainstream version of the JFK assassination. Although it's worth noting that the magic bullet shot has never been replicated, not even in debunking programs with professional snipers taking numerous shots with the ballistic bodies positioned correctly. See:

#4 - Straw man - It wasn't about forcing Hitler to war with the US, it was about justifying intervention to the American people and using the attack for propaganda purposes. And they did want war with Japan ...

"If ... Japan can be led to commit an overt act of war, so much the better."

#3 - Straw man - We do not claim the twin towers fell at free fall (though it was close for the first few seconds), we say WTC7 fell at free fall ... because it did, even the government admits it did. The biggest issue with the twin towers is how 15 floors were able to piledrive through 95 floors at all without violating Newton's third law.

The other two I don't believe or even care about. Congrats Cracked writers, you have outdone yourselves. Clearly you were the ones who only put nine seconds of research into this - addressing the claims of filmmakers and uninformed people on the internet and ignoring the actual experts and serious researchers that challenge each of these official stories. Like the thousands of Architects, Engineers, Physicists, Metallurgists, Demolition experts and Firefighters that endorse the WTC demolition hypothesis. Stick to writing articles about bad-ass animals. You suck at debunking.