Friday, May 13, 2011

The Truth Movement Needs A Scientific Revolution

Oh, the crap we have to put up with. It appears the 9/11 truth movement's most prominent mainstream spokesperson is promoting the theory that Directed Energy Weapons were used on 9/11. Sad, but I saw it coming. When Ventura was on Coast to Coast last month he was recommended Judy Wood's new book. I was hoping he would forget about it but it seems he didn't.

This sort of thing has happened before. Remember Warren Cuccurullo? He came out on AJ's show and appeared rational in those interviews, but then went on to become a no-planer. However, it's much worse with Jesse since he promotes 9/11 truth in the mainstream.

Now I don't think either Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura are disinfo. I agree with most of what Alex says about 9/11. While, when it comes to the demolition of the towers, he does have a tendency to over-emphasize anecdotal evidence and dubious things like 'pull it', when it comes to 9/11 in general, he mainly focuses more on credible stuff like the hijackers training at US Military bases, the standdown evidence, the drills, the Visas, the history etc., instead of little anomalies, and he doesn't focus on Israel like so many do. Plus, it was Prison Planet who warned us back in 2006 about the possibility of the Pentagon stuff being a giant psyop, and I've heard Alex and Bermas attack 'Space Beam' stuff several times, and he obviously reacted negatively when Ventura mentioned Judy Wood's name in the clip above. As for Ventura himself, alot of people, including Kevin Ryan, have now questioned Ventura's motives, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's just been duped.

Judy Wood and the DEW theory seem to have gained popularity in conspiracy circles recently. Wood appeared on Coast to Coast AM a few of days ago, and Red Ice Radio, who do great work on other issues that I support, seem to endorse the DEW claims [1] [2]. And now with Jesse endorsing it too, I feel compelled to address it.

First off let me just say that I do not believe that thermitic devices were the ONLY thing used in the demolition of the towers. In fact, I think that's quite unlikely. It's more likely conventional explosives were used in conjunction with the various types of thermite, and I keep an open mind to the possibility that stuff we've never even heard of may have been at work as well. I do not disagree with promoters of DEW or other fringe views (e.g. mini-nukes etc.) because I am close minded, I disagree because these fringe theories can not be scientifically tested in the way that the nanothermite stuff has been.

Judy Wood's work doesn't seem very scientific to me. It's just pointing out a load of anomalies like 'melted cars' and things and making grand claims. There's a difference between anomalies and evidence. If Wood were to actually do proper scientific tests on one of these car wreckages and find some kind of signature or something that matches the signature of some advanced weapon, in the same way Steven Jones got ahold of a load of WTC dust and found thermite signatures in it, or in the same way FEMA analysed the strange steel from WTC7 and found sulfur residues, then it would be evidence of something. But she hasn't done that. Instead she simply points to photos of 'toasted cars' and claims that to be 'evidence'. It's not evidence. At best it's an anomaly. All the more fringe 9/11 theories out there seem to be based on little anomalies rather than evidence.

This exchange between Nafeez Ahmed and an audience member sums up my view of most of the speculative stuff that's out there, it's not even that I think they're wrong necessarily, I just don't like discussing these other views because they can't be proven either way.

Why deal with theories, and pointless, divisive speculation, when you can deal with facts? This applies not just to the DEW stuff, but also the Pentagon stuff, the living hijacker stuff, the phone call stuff and the recent Bin Laden stuff. There's nothing wrong with coming up with other theories, but at the end of the day the goal of the movement is to get a proper investigation into 9/11. I don't see why we can't just say "Here are the facts ..." and stick with that until we get a new investigation. We can consider all this other stuff once we have an investigation, but until then it's just counter productive to promote these things.

We shouldn't even be fighting really. Even if the DEW advocates are right it doesn't discount the thermite stuff. It doesn't have to be DEW vs nanothermite vs mini-nukes etc. It could be a combination. But the nanothermite theory and the work of AE911Truth etc. is the most scientifically credible, and therefore promoting that is our best tactic for getting a new 9/11 investigation. So even if I did suspect that DEWs or mini-nukes were used I would still focus on the nanothermite evidence due to it's credibility.

The fact that people like Judy Wood and the Citizen Investigation Team ignore and even try to debunk more credibile research leads me to believe they are disinfo. If they were genuine truth seekers whose end goal really was a new investigation then they would support the more credible research, instead of attacking it and trying to make their speculation the central dogma of the 9/11 truth movement.

To the people who endorse things like CIT's flyover theory and Judy Wood's DEW theory, I am not saying you should stop believing in these theories, I am simply suggesting you get your priorities right and take a more scientific approach to promoting 9/11 truth. Getting a real investigation is the goal, once that happens we can let the chips fall where they may.