Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bin Laden Didn't Destroy WTC 7!

Some newbie on the Prison Planet forum has just written the post of the month:
It's a simple talking point.

Bin Laden Didn't Destroy WTC 7.

What's all the fuss with 'Did Bin Laden Die in 2001?', 'Did They Kill Him in 2011, and Was It Murder?', 'Is Bin Laden Still Alive?'

What does it matter if they kill the patsy?


Everytime someone wants to debate with you whether or not Bin Laden is dead and the latest tale rooted in truth, simply say: Bin Laden didn't bring down Building 7.

The new Bin Laden fable is being used to obfuscate the original 9/11 fable. But it's 9/11, not Bin Laden, that's being used to take away freedom. While it's appropriate to distrust the new Navy SEAL/Bin Laden story, there's a simple one-line response to it:

Bin Laden didn't bring down Building 7.

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