Thursday, January 20, 2011

Loughner and Zeitgeist in Perspective

James B. over at Screw Loose Change recently posted part of an article claiming that the film Zeitgeist heavily influenced Jared Loughner. James apparently felt that the article made "enough good points about Jared Loughner and the pan-conspiracy movie Zeitgeist" and "thought it deserved a post." Now while I don't agree with everything about the Zeitgeist Movement, all these claims about the film's connection to the shooting are ridiculous. Poster Freethinkaluva22 has a thread at the FreeThoughtNation forum discussing this incident, and has made some very good points about why all these accusations against the film are baseless.
To our knowledge, there has never been a single violent incident at any Zeitgeist meeting or showing worldwide, or any call to violence by any member of the Zeitgeist Movement or fan of the Zeitgeist films. 
Jared Loughner's friend who claimed Zeitgeist was one of Loughner's favorite films hadn't seen him in two years.

Like the Zeitgeist Movement, we here at Freethought Nation, Truth Be Known and Stellar House Publishing are diametrically opposed to war and violence.
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