Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jim Corr & Lord Monckton on Irish TV

Some great info about 9/11 from Jim Corr, including the nanothermite. He knows his stuff. Lord Monckton focused solely on the issue of climate sensitivity, which is the most important question in the climate change debate: How much does CO2 affect temperature?

The two debunkers in the audience were pathetic. The statement that 'the science of NIST is sound' should have raised a red flag for Monckton since he gets that alot from AGW proponents. Sadly, Monckton had to 'respectfully disagree' with Jim about 9/11.

Not surprising really. Some day all these different movements will wake up and realise they are all fighting the same battle and support eachother. Sadly everyone's too afraid of being discredited by association with everyone else do so. I've been criticised in the past for linking several topics together in my Youtube videos. Well ... those people are just gonna love my next one! Nine different scientific, medical and environmental controversies all rolled into one, plus a general exposing of the eugenics agenda, academic persecution and the Randi crowd. It's gonna be epic. That's if I can ever get round to finishing it. Stupid job. Stupid computer problems.