Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why Do People Ask Retarded Questions?

Pat Curley of the Screw Loose Change blog asks,"How Retarded Do You Have To Be? To think there's no way the iron microspheres could have come from this:"




Well Pat, here is a picture for you, and what Steven Jones had to say back in 2007.

It has also been suggested that thermate may have been used at ground zero (GZ) during steel-cutting operations for clean-up there. However, no documentation whatsoever that thermate was so used has been provided, and so for this suggestion to be seriously considered, the proponents will need to provide documentation for the use of thermate and disclosure of the composition – including KMnO4, S, etc. In this way, we can compare the alleged thermate use with what is observed in the dust. What is thoroughly documented is the use of oxyacetylene torches in the cutting of the steel at ground zero.

Furthermore, Janette MacKinlay collected the dust inside her apartment just a few days after the buildings collapsed, so there was very little time for any molten-metal spheres created somehow by the clean-up itself to have made its way into her 4th-floor to be mingled in with the dust up there. This is a compelling argument against “accidental” contamination of the dust she collected in her apartment even if thermate had been used during clean-up (which is highly unlikely due to safety/liability issues.)

In addition, the distance to the apartment from the clean-up operation is about 100 meters (about a football-field length), while in our experiments with thermite/thermate, the glowing sparks (metallic droplets) are seen to travel only a few meters or yards. The holes formed in the two broken windows of this apartment were about two feet by three feet, increasing the unlikelihood that any metallic spheres from the (improbable) use of thermate at GZ could have entered the apartment during the few days before the dust was collected. (On the other hand, the fast-moving dust clouds on 9/11/2001 traveled for many blocks and certainly would have carried small residues with them, for example, residues from thermite cutter-charges used to help destroy the Towers.) Furthermore, iron-rich spheres were found in the WTC dust several blocks away from GZ in large numbers which essentially eliminates the possibility that these spherules could be due to thermite used at ground zero.
Then we have the fact that this blog has pointed out to Pat four previous times this year (once that I know he read) that the 2009 Thermitic Material paper by Jones and his colleagues demonstrates how the red-gray chips found in the WTC dust actually create these molten-iron spheres when ignited. Again Pat, this is evidence of a high temperature chemical reaction, which would not happen if they were just chips of paint as "debunkers" have asserted.

At one time, laziness could account for Pat asking such a retarded question, but now it seems that he is just asking the type of question that comes natural to a special guy like himself.

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