Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Truth About TruthBurn

Here is the take of the "911TRUTHINATOR":


Here is the truth from the creator of the "TruthBurn" display, John Parulis:

That gave me a good laugh. Boy these people can't seem to stop their obsession with us. I hope we drive them batty.

It's true that I did modify the original intent of the sign because of safety concerns. There were too many out of control Burning Man folks biking through our security barrier during the Truth Burn. I could have destroyed the sign but taking safety and the issue of the cost of dismantling a dangerously mangled sign, I decided to use my cutter charges on a steel beam below the sign. The thermite worked very well in cutting a precise slice through the beam as though an oxy-lance had done it. This is all explained in my blog if the debunkers even bothered to read it in detail.

The residue from the TruthBurn was used as a control in the now famous paper, Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

The electron microscope renderings of the TruthBurn residue closely matched the thermitic signature of samples from the World Trade dust, as shown in the paper. As a result, I would say that the TruthBurn art show at Burning Man was a great success.


Even if the experiment had been attempted and failed it would not negate the fact that there are various ways in which thermite variants could be used to destroy vertically standing steel beams. But for the "debunkers" it's forensic evidence be damned: "If we haven't seen it done before, it can't possibly have been done!"

On that note, Pat Curley of the Screw Loose Change blog tried to downplay the significance of the the findings garnered from the TruthBurn residue, stating:

They are all excited over at 911 Blogger regarding Steven Jones, who in his secret lab discovered that particles of metal from the Truthburn art project are "similar" to particles of metal recovered from World Trade Center debris. Well, similar in the same sense that tiny round pieces of metal are all similar to each other...

As Jim Hoffman has pointed out, the Thermitic Material paper analyzes iron-rich spheres from three different sources: residue from the ignition of commercial thermite, residue from the ignition of the red-gray chips found in the WTC dust, and the spheres found by themselves in the dust. Take a look for yourself; they are almost indistinguishable, or "strikingly similar" as the paper puts it.

Pat hasn't updated the above blog since this further analysis, therefore indicating he still fails to see the significance of the findings, but this isn't surprising. He also doesn't understand that the chips creating molten-iron spheres is itself evidence of a high temperature chemical reaction, which would not happen if they were just chips of paint as "debunkers" have asserted.

"We don't do the best debunking out there." - Pat Curley