Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Ham with Your Kraut? (If He Can Get Schoolyard-Personal, So Can We)

Gregg Roberts

Letters to the Editor
Washington Post

Dear Editor,

Charles Krauthammer's September 11 column "The Van Jones Matter" falls below even the continuously falling intellectual standards of most neo-conservatives. His fallacy-infused diatribe comes right out of the same playbook as the recently amped-up psychologizing of dissent exemplified by John Gartner of Psychology Today, commented on at Instead of looking where "Truthers" are pointing, he bites their finger. His column is a vitriolic, demonizing rant of which the great Nazi propagandist Goebbels would be proud.

What are the "Truthers" pointing at?

- Freefall of World Trade Center Building 7
- Visible and audible explosions during the destruction of the Twin Towers.
- Liquefication of iron and steel during the destruction, which requires temperatures far in excess of what the hottest hydrocarbon fire can produce.
- High-tech unexploded nano-thermite particles in the WTC dust -- developed not in a cave in Afghanistan, but in US national laboratories in the 1990s -- by some of the same government engineers who as NIST forensic experts professed to see no evidence of explosives in the WTC's destruction, and refused to test for them.
- Numerous opportunities to plant explosives in the World Trade Center during various renovations.
- Failure to intercept a single one of the four hijacked airliners.
- No pilot followed standard operating procedure by entering a simple four-digit hijack code, indicating either that the planes' electrical communications were commandeered by sophisticated electronics or the crew was knocked out by gas. Both possibilities are far beyond the hijackers' capabilities.
- Standard investigative procedures were not followed in any of the four official inquiries, including deep conflicts of interest among members of the 9/11 commission and NIST managers and contractors.

Who is it again, Mr. Krauthammer, that is hallucinating? Those who believe in the official fairy tale, or the patriotic members of the 9/11 truth movement, who have been trying to draw attention to these undisputed facts and their clear meaning ever since the day? Who is it again that is desecrating the memory of 9/11 victims? Those who are trying to get an official acknowledgment of the truth and justice for the victims, or those who provide rhetorical cover for the terrorists in our own government and defense industry who viciously attacked nearly 3000 defenseless men, women, and children to manipulate the rest of us into misdirected fear and rage, and took us into two completely unnecessary and illegal wars?

Gregg Roberts