Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Debunker Paint

Now I wasn't really that impressed with the new Loose Change film to be honest. The historical stuff was interesting (particularly the bit about the Coup plot against Roosevelt) and the narration and music was generally an improvement. But I thought the editing was a bit half-assed in places (Did it really cost them more than a million dollars?) and in terms of its 9/11 stuff it wasn't really anything special. I prefer the Final Cut. Probably the best piece of footage in the entire movie was this little shot of a 'paint' chip being ignited. Now I don't know what debunkers paint their houses with but let's just say I don't want any of it near my house.

Comment from John-Michael Talboo:

All that being said about LC, they didn't need to include as much info about demolition seeing as how we have found the explosives. It seems the overall goal was to make as concise a presentation as possible. As to the other info not being special, remember that as 9/11 researchers we are very over-exposed. They mentioned this in a recent interview. I have already showed it to a newbie, and now they are a newbie truther! I think we needed a new Loose Change post-Obama/nanothermite. I actually think someone should edit together the best parts of Final Cut and Coup to make Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup Final Cut!

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