Friday, April 5, 2024

DEBUNKED! Conservatives Are Blaming A New Racist Theory For Airline Accidents

DEBUNKED! Conservatives Are Blaming A New Racist Theory For Airline Accidents

Conservatives Are Blaming A New Racist Theory For Airline Accidents

I read all the one thousand plus comments on this offensive BS article and since HuffPo is a safe place in the comments, I could not find one person who shared their thoughts who disagrees. I did find plenty of hypocritical anti-white racism though. Obvious censorship. Many comments correctly placed some blame on profits over people. What none of them seem to notice is, incentivizing DEI when there is evidence that the best people for the job are not being hired in favor of lesser qualified individuals is in fact racist and the ultimate example of putting profits over people, exploiting race and quality simultaneously. Their logic to well-researched individuals like yours truly is ass-backwards. Well, here's the bottom line, the evidence they say is lacking, is not. Calls for meritocracy are being called racism. 

Shareholders are apparently convinced an agenda and not meritocracy is resulting in the most qualified not being hired. This is all seemingly in violation of law concerning hiring and race. 

The quotas set for representation exposed in the videos on this page represent a gross overrepresentation of minorities at 50%  (of course women are factored into this percentage which makes things likely intentionally murky) and hypocrisy abounds... 

Look at this racist DEI employee document at Delta Airlines

There are whistleblowers contacting independent journalists as well...

Watch "Anthony Cumia and Gavin McInnes discuss the airline industry and the new age woke hires" on YouTube

Watch "Gavin McInnes and Anthony Cumia speak on the stunning and brave first all 🌈 flight" on YouTube 

I read an article about DEI in air traffic control. A pilot can only ctash one plane, an air traffic controller can do much worse than than. They stopped testing using the previous examinations because certain groups scored poorly on the test. Now the test asks "did you like art or sports at school?" under the presumption that certain groups were more likely to enjoy sports. Clownshow will costs hundreds ot thousands of lives SOON. There's no way that unqualified air traffic controllers can do that job.