Friday, August 18, 2023

Rebuttal to Kevin Ryan on Plausibility of 9/11 Hijackings

Last month my request for revision was published at the International Center for 9/11 Justice, along with Kevin Ryan's rebuttal to it. I have now composed a response to his rebuttal. I originally planned on submitting my response to the IC911J for them to post there. However, they have a maximum word limit of around 2000 words, and I knew my response was likely going to exceed this. So instead, my response is posted here. I encourage readers to consider all of this information and decide for themselves who's right. I also respectfully ask the IC911J to consider what I've written here, and to revise their website accordingly. Kevin Ryan is, of course, more than welcome to respond to what I've said, and if he should produce a response, I will gladly post it here as well. 

Rebuttal to Kevin Ryan on Plausibility of 9/11 Hijackings

Adam Taylor

18 August 2023

In response to my request for revision submitted to the International Center for 9/11 Justice (IC911J), Kevin Ryan argues that my central contention in that paper is false; namely, that it is probable that the four hijacker teams could have overpowered the pilots on each flight, and gained control of the aircrafts on 9/11. He argues that I have not sufficiently demonstrated this, claiming my references do not support my conclusions, and there is evidence I’ve overlooked that contradicts my arguments. Here I show that it is Mr. Ryan’s claims which are false, and not sufficiently supported by the evidence he cites. As we shall see, Mr. Ryan’s response contains numerous factual errors, logical fallacies, irrelevant details, and misunderstandings of what I actually said in my original paper

Read the full paper here.