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Debunking One Conspiracy Debunker Talking Point Regarding Tupac's Death---Is this AI Tupac Really the Real 2Pac?!

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Those autopsy photos are ðŸ’Ŋ provably fake. This documentary below presents varying degrees of credible evidence that Pac faked his death, but of this autopsy photo question there is no doubt. Of course, this answer raises more questions, many of which imply a conspiracy of some kind was afoot.

Tupac Is Alive The Documentary - Best of the Best Evidence

That being said, there is one particular AI Tupac (videos below) that is so far above and beyond what most have seen achieved with AI yet that an inquiring mind wonders if the evidence suggesting he is alive has anything to do with it? This isn't an AI Pac performing other well known songs like Elvis singing Baby Got Back or AI 2Pac horribly performing Eminem's Rap God, but rather totally new music that is flawless as far as sounding like just that and the lyrical content and cadence is so good that if one were told it was an unreleased track, no one would bat an eye. 

This is also worth considering with the case of Suge Knight's son claiming knowledge of Pac being alive, only to then later back down from that stance. That type of tactic is classic disinformation psy-ops stuff. Muddy the waters. Discredit by association. It's also a possibility that if Pac were really walking among us that he would tell a person spilling the beans too much to knock it off. In another video it is reported that this is essentially what Suge Jr said happened in an video he apparently recorded sometime after he had already publicly said his original claims were false without such an explanation. 

Back to the AI (song examples below)...

I compared it to other AI 2Pacs and the difference in overall quality and believability is worlds apart and I was certainly far from alone in that assessment...

It's also worth noting that the reported developments in his murder case come at the heels of this unprecedented music being released. Odd and universally unexpected development at an odd time if one thinks fuckery is afoot. 

SO...  I dunno the truth, but that's the biggest point to be made about all this. The masses lead by the self-assured, pseudo-skeptical, professional  "debunkers" think they know what's what, but more often than not, their hubris FAR outweighs their actual factual knowledge of the controversial issue at hand and yet they are pompously convicted that they KNOW the truth.

I don't know shit, but just the facts, whether they speak for themselves in a conspiracy oriented kind of way or not is for you to decide. But remember this, IF any such topics ever do have merit (and they very often do) you wouldn't know it, if you already thought you KNEW it didn't, based on less factual knowledge than those conspiratorial dummies. Dummy! 

OR perhaps Tupac's spirit is now a muse to man and machine alike in a literal, not figurative sense! 

2Pac & The Tibetan Book of the Dead & Tips on Skipping Reincarnation in Favor of Paradise

OR perhaps it's just AI and that raises concerns and mixed feelings from people. One person commented that it isn't his spirit that we are hearing. But is that really true in such a scenario? In this case, the AI is taking all that is known about Pac's beliefs and finding new ways to express them and potentially, seemingly, extrapolating on how Tupac would have evolved his thinking. In that way, we still would be experiencing a form of Tupac's consciousness albeit "artificial." Another comment stated that it was sad we lost him so young and didn't get to hear his real evolution of thought. But because of that loss the amount of artificial facsimiles is going to be unmeasurable in its abundance and that is quite the consolation prize. Absent the actual tragedy of his death, his fans will be enjoying his new music just as much as they did when he lived if these examples are any indication. Or are they? If there is nothing like the real thing, then maybe only a select few "AI 2Pacs" will fit the bill??? For real? As Pac said, real eyes, realize, real lies. So... what do you see?

NEW 2023 - 2Pac - Four Cornered Room [A.I. Guided] LOVE THIS ONE AS MUCH AS ANY PAC SONG NO BS!

NEW 2023 - 2Pac ft. Nate Dogg - Ride Or Die [A.I. Guided] Note: Nate is dead too, but getting him to do a chorus is obviously a much easier task than Pac's verses.

NEW 1996 - 2Pac ft. Nanci Fletcher - Too Tight [A.I. Guided] [Prod. by Johnny J]

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Debunking One Conspiracy Debunker Talking Point Regarding Tupac's Death---Is this AI Tupac Really the Real 2Pac?!