Saturday, July 30, 2022

The CBD Store Franchise Hired the Biggest Assholes I've Ever Encountered in a Retail Setting

The store is located in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

They sent me this promotion pictured below and I used it once and the employee was ineptly unaware of and got angry about having to honor the promotion put forward by his corporate masters. 

The next time they sent me an email about it and I arrived to use it, the employee was closing early. Which is an asshole move to begin with. If you have your hours of  operation posted online and on site you should honor that. Twice I drove a long distance only to find that these not so astute businesmen had locked the doors.

The second employee was again unaware of the promotion. How can this be when his only other coworker had dealt with me? He had a scowl on his face and demanded to see my email, which I could not get to come up on my phone at the time and I had walk to the car to get my phone.

My daughter and I who was with me agreed that he was questioning my honestly about the situation.  It was crystal clear given his tone of voice and facial expressions. 

At this point, I attempted to go back in, but I ran into him at the door as he was outside taking down his inflatable tube man. 

I informed him that I knew how the promotion worked and could show him on his computer that deals with the points system for customers to get rewards. I was mad that he was questioning me and his body language was no different than mine at this point. He denied me entry. 

I apologized for my demeanor and yet he got more mad and refused me service totally and forever.

I have spent a lot of money at their store and yet was treated like shit. I then said fuck you and flicked him off. He deserved that, but threatened to call the cops from inside as I was walking away. I personally don't call the fuzz to settle disputes, but alas I'm a real man. 

Furthermore, a former employee that I'm friendly with who now works at the awesome store called Dubs down the road, informed me that his coworker was indeed an "fucking asshole" who had told customers to "fuck off and never come back."

Finally, that employee he was referring to ripped me off previously by charging me too much. I requested to swap out a product for a similar new one. I assumed they were the same price, but they were not and I got robbed of my cash. Avoid these assholes at all costs!