Thursday, January 20, 2022

Rolling Stone is Sus of Eminem's Rap Game Replacement, But They So Fake Woke and Candy Coated Like Him, Not Slim... that Was Way Back Then, Like the Rolling Stones Song about Due Respect, which Tom Did Not Get! Except from the Viral Amount of People Listening and Leaving Comments and a FOX News Featurette...

The undue disrespect is case in point from the headline info alone, but let's dig in...

Watch "Rolling Stone Calls Tom Macdonald's Fake Woke Single The Worst Song Of 2021! #DylanTalkz" on YouTube 

"She got a little butt, so what?" Is the hook of a radio rap song and Tom is the worst  thing out there, huh? Yes, social commentary that isn't left of Moa is vapid and soulless compared to the championing again of the little butt women of Earth. The roots of rap are strictly partisan Democrat thus your song is bad and invalid. After all, blacks started rap and all blacks are Democrats as literally stated by Joe Biden, so, yeah. It's so fucking dumb it hurts. 🤕 Even if that tripe were literally 💯 true, it's art, and it can't be pigeonholed, but it can and always does evolve. Conservative and just anti-establishment, counter-narrative rappers, like Tom, are en vogue big time right now. It's the bees knees, ya hep cats and kittens, ya dig? Word! Even that was more with the times that this old print music rag acting all sus and such. 

The party politics dynamic vs ideology ebb and flow a bit, but the underlying "taking it to the man" rap root (not the only one) is digging as deep as ever. Conservatism or anything remotely adjacent is the new counter culture, the new Punk Rick, the new Hip Hop. And you can't have the hop if ya don't have the hip. And I repeat, Rolling Stone ain't hip to shit anymore! Yeet!

The Zeitgeist surrounds them, but they can't see the forrest through the trees. Forest Gump is not a smart man and even he can see that, Jenny! What they once hated, they've now become and it's made them tone deaf, blind, and dumb. 

You know, they so, fake woke, facts don't care about feelings. But they won't tell the rest of us what to believe in. Last place is well known to mean first place in this context and day and age. They say their spin doctor line and the truly awake say YAY! Fake Woke Honored by Rolling Stone as Best Song of the Year! It triggered the lockdown,  mandate, forced guinea pig/no bodily autonomy crowd the most!