Monday, October 18, 2021

Which demolition method was used on 9/11? This truther says all of them!?

I picked this up on a channel I don't think exists anymore on YT. It seems to confirm the 9/11 mixed event, there was nano-thermite in the solgel paint, there was regular explosives going off everywhere to kill first responders and people who knew/saw too much, there was a mini nuke that went off underground for each tower to finish them off. WTC6 is often ignored but it was extremely important, the headquarters of the US Custom Service (at least in NYC) blown up from inside out before any tower fell, WTC7 tenants being the CIA's biggest HQ outside Virginia, IRS, SEC, Insurance Companies, Secret Service (never mentioned enough agency)....and likely some, now admitted to exist in 2021 by the US Gov, directed energy weapons. This is not approving of Judy Wood though, the whole "having to render powerless a hurricane going to hit NYC on 9/11 (Hurricane Erin)" is ridiculous, they would have likely welcomed a naturally combined disaster on top of it all imo. Watch and learn.