Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Syrian mess is “good war” because Trump wants out

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We’re in an age of wonders where the news overflows with unexpected events, things not predicted by even our greatest experts or even some of our most revered and well-studied prophets.
With all of the strange news that is pushing us ever farther towards Apocalypse, I would say that maybe it is time to reevaluate our values as Americans. We need a big-picture view of America – where we are, how did we get to this moment in time, and better still, we need to take the time to know where we are going.
The spirit of an age, its core nature, can only be seen in terms of metaphors. Today metaphors become memes, and memes do their magic on the internet. Some people believe that memes have created chaos and that as the absurdity of our world is being exposed – it is being said that those who claim to be woke are responsible for what is called Clown World.
Just so you know I saw the Joker film again with a friend and my wife and the second time something inspired me to put out my thoughts on how the Joker, in the end, has the last laugh because no one is laughing anymore they are enraged and so in a time of subjective humor – the cancel culture organizes their boycotts and protests and many of them I believe do not even know why they are angry or even protesting anymore.
The movie imparts a troubling feeling that you can’t shake. You take it home with you. You sleep with it. You wake up in the morning and see that damned bloody clown face again. You think through the scenes. Then you remember things. Then more starts to make sense – not moral sense but a narrative sense. The narrative is art imitating life and so many people worry that this piece of Cinema will end up allowing for art to imitate life.
As I have said before, people are caught up in manufactured outrage, they want a war but they don’t know the first thing about having one, so they organize, they scream and shout, and they hold rallies and marches.
History does not repeat itself anymore – it now screams at the top of its lungs: “Why haven’t you learned anything from me?” Why is it that we keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome? Because quite simply, the carnival is now in the business of manufacturing a car full of psychotic clowns.
The demand for a solution against all things that trigger or otherwise offend is catching up to us and as the great George Carlin once said “Political Correctness is Fascism pretending to be manners.”
People are lost – they are confused and some as George Orwell once observed are caught in the confusion of doublethink. Unfortunately, our world cannot be figured out without understanding its strangeness, especially now — since we have so much of it.
Uncertainty is the only certainty.
People want explanations, however bogus or absurd, to banish fears of uncertainty. The Joker film illustrates how the clown world absurdity is one of the primary services that are sold without embarrassment to the public at large.
If you find yourself being brainwashed by the media, then you probably already know that there are members of the intelligence community – CIA, NSA, and others that are experts on everything. They are now showing up in news segments putting out what the Pentagon wants you to hear and in the process keep feeding the monster of disinformation that was once shunned by journalists.
Politicians and apparently now, teenage girls are experts that can explain almost anything, even if they said it was impossible. But their explanations should not blind us to the significance of the signal given by unexpected events.
The bottom line: the circus we are in is ripe with strangeness, where the explanations of the unexpected are inherent of low reliability, and, most importantly, we should expect further surprises.
In 1939, science fiction author, Robert Heinlein created a timeline, the framework within which he wrote many of his greatest stories. On it is the period he called the “crazy years”. While he got the specifics wrong, that description aptly describes our time. We have made the crazy years into what Clown World is today.
Heinlein wrote of the crazy years: “Considerable technical advance during this period, accompanied by a gradual deterioration of mores, orientation, and social institutions, terminating in mass psychoses in the sixth decade, and the interregnum.”
Again the “crazy years” are simply another definition of the Clown Culture we are watching now unfold. Its influence is certainly being felt by those who feel that much of what is happening in the world is absurd.
History should be a guide as to how to correct the problems that are associated with the absurdity that America is experiencing now. The wisdom of our forefathers is our greatest inheritance but we wish to ignore it. We live in Clown World by choice. We are seeing extremists pushing agendas that we know are crazy but we lack the will to say stop – or expose it for its absurdity out of fear of reprisal from the more vocal clowns of our day.
They are organized and have a loud voice – and if everything keeps spinning into this abyss of insanity – most clowns will rely on the war culture to make them feel good about bashing a few heads in and taking out a few countries to make a point.
Remember that the whole reason for Clown World is that it perpetuates destructionist behaviors. There is a deep ideology that is not only depicted in the Joker movie but in life here in America with the liberal and conservative extremist behaviors.
It is the deep ideology of tearing down everything that we once stood for. It is about tearing down and canceling things that others have created that the mob does not agree with. It is even the ideology of even ruing someone’s life—it is also the idea that all things are solved in a war room and with a push of a button we see lives disappear by remote control.
The ideology enables a person to rationalize that evil is at least somehow preparing the ground for some better state of society in the future.
Again after we tear down what bothers us – we have nothing more to tear down except each other… our constitution, our way of being governed. Then the anger spreads – and a new scapegoat becomes the target of war which spotlights another example of Clown World which is how whenever there is an effort to try and find peace in the world – there is always someone who wishes to create chaos in order to keep the war machine in business.
Warlike evil is easy – peace is hard.
Warfare is our default position in America.
The mainstream media are not likely to grill someone who favors U.S. military intervention somewhere – anywhere. He or she will have no burden of proof to sustain. But those who oppose a new war or call for an end to an existing one are sure to be treated like clowns or traitors.
They’d better have an extraordinarily strong defense of their position because the burden of proof will be squarely on them; even a strong defense, however, won’t get the heat turned down.
Continuing wars and readiness to intervene anywhere is a money hemorrhaging operation. In a time where we are told to be mindful of the environment, the media forgets to point out that war wastes resources and people’s lives.
A war state cannot long coexist with strict limitations on government power and spending. Moreover, it impedes people without influence from prospering because military spending diverts resources from consumer investment and production to weapons and other things irrelevant to consumer welfare.
However, I am seeing a schism in America with regard to President Trump wanting to pull troops out of Syria.

Trump has occasionally talked peace since his presidential campaign began, and therefore his opponents apparently feel they have to favor war. Whatever Trump wants, they want the opposite, even if it is something they once may have liked or even took a stand against.
While he has pushed obscenely large increases in Pentagon spending – increases that dwarf Russia’s entire military budget – rattled his saber at Iran, and made aggressive moves in Russia’s direction (arms for Ukraine’s government, withdrawal from the INF treaty, sanctions, etc.), he has also made some welcome overtures toward retrenchment, most notably with North Korea, now Syria, and to a lesser extent Afghanistan.
But to those who have the Trump derangement syndrome War is good if Trump doesn’t want it.
Any overture toward peace has prompted most of the pundit class and most politicians to unload on Trump. He has been accused of being a traitor or Russian agent just for talking about exiting a senseless war. His decision to get out of Syria – although many times he said would get out – was described as sudden and erratic, not to mention as a payoff to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
What is most interesting was a call I received during the show’s late hours last night. A caller asked me if the Kurds had a country and I said I don’t know – I was going to say Kurdistan but I opted to not sound anymore foolish than I already did.
And then I thought – if my knowledge of the Kurds is nebulous at best, then I will bet many Americans that are attacking Trump over the Syria pullout probably know nothing about them – but yet they have manufactured their concern because the media has hammered it into their minds. The Syrian mess is “good war” because Trump wants out.
War is simple in Clown World and empires are bloody and expensive. Of course, there are pundits and politicians that apparently see their role as portraying as Trump as disloyal, crazy, or both whenever he talks peace.
It is a hard sell especially when we hear that a suicide bombing in the city of Manbij killed at least 15 people, including four US troops, and wounded a number of others, including three US troops.
The attack was claimed by ISIS, and that started an immediate furor among opponents of the announced US withdrawal from Syria, notably Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who suggested the very idea of the pullout had provoked the attack by emboldening ISIS. That is nonsense Graham and the media will fail to report that the troops would not have been killed if they weren’t there in the first place.
So while now many are gearing up to try to further slow, if not outright stop, the Syria pullout, the reality of the situation is that if the US had kept to the reported 30-day pullout in the first place, the troops attacked almost certainly would’ve already been out of Syria.
But of course, in the Clown War Culture, the process is key – not the peace but the process, for example.
When a news interviewer gets push-back from a guest who supports a Trump peace move, the interviewer typically switches gears: they say things like “But do you approve of how Trump is going about it?”
No word on behalf of scaling back the war state is allowed go unchallenged. If a mainstream media representative can’t score a point against a proposal to get out of a war, he’ll go after the “process.” Overlooked is the fact that Barack Obama intervened in Syria in defiance of both Congress and the American public. When has that process been challenged by anyone?
I guess we pine for the era where a sitting President, Barack Obama dispatched special ops assassins and special autonomous drones under the guise of humanitarian intervention. The whole mess was led by our Nobel Peace Prize wearing-president who boasted of assassinating American citizens and spread our wars to many new nations. He winds down our war in Iraq and Afghanistan, only to expand it in Syria and Iraq — using the same tactics that failed during the past.
At least Trump wants to scale back but this is anathema to the war machine.
Oh and don’t forget how President Obama had increased the surveillance state to Gestapo levels.
Again, I guess the media wishes to encourage the Clown World war culture.
It is interesting how Obama got the Nobel Peace prize yet Trump gets the traitor treatment.
The media also delights in impugning the sanity, character, or “loyalty” of the rare public figure who favors a Trump peace overture. Opponents of intervention are routinely smeared as sympathizers of whoever rules the country in question, as though it followed that if you don’t like a country’s ruler, you logically ought to favor obliterating his country.
It is just like if you don’t like a President, you might as well impeach him – it is clown logic but in Clown World it is part of the theater of the ugly a divine comedy that plays like a Greek tragedy.
Here we see more of the mad clown pageantry of 21st century America, where nothing is what it seems.
Calling it out doesn’t get you any friends because while President Trump is becoming a parody of his reality TV self, pointing out the equally odd clownish behavior of those who surround him gives the seething left the idea that you support everything he does… no. It is just hard to tread is a world where lies have created a monster that has manufactured anger and triggered hysteria.
Reporters, journalists, satirists, and comediennes are now walking on eggshells in an era where people do not see the joke of what politics has become.
Again, I reference the Joker as he appears on a late not talk show in the film that everybody is seeing right now – he tells Murray Franklin played by Robert De Niro about how the system decides what is right or wrong — how we are told when to laugh and when to cry – when to fear and when to lay down and die.
Joker says: “Comedy is subjective, Murray. Isn’t that what they say? All of you, the system that knows so much, you decide what’s right or wrong. The same way that you decide what’s funny or not. Everybody is awful these days. It’s enough to make anyone crazy.”
He continues as the audience watches in disbelief:
“Have you seen what it’s like out there, Murray? Do you ever actually leave the studio? Everybody just yells and screams at each other. Nobody’s civil anymore! Nobody thinks what it’s like to be the other guy.
They think that we’ll just sit down and take it like good little boys! That we won’t werewolf and go wild!”
Yes, it seems that many people have lost their minds and want to go werewolf on a lot of things these days.
We are a violence and war culture that can become savage in seconds.
I find it sad, even pitiful that neither side left or right sees the similarities between their behavior and that of their opponents: exaggerated fears, and in response pinning their hopes on empty suits with empty promises.
But what is most disturbing is that in the circus if someone decides that war is a racket there are many clowns that will take out a hammer and pound into your head the idea that war is the chaos needed to keep the culture healthy.
It is part of the destruction ideology.
It has a purpose – its purpose is to create a controlled demolition of a country due to its instability and incongruence.
It is not by chance that we are told that there is an ever-present crisis looming at the center of the capitalist system. The strategy is to exploit its flaws and glitches so that it can be sold as old and tired. The goal is to put into question the “theoretical” foundations of capitalism and a constitutional republic and its advocates.
The goal is to make America go rogue – to as the Joker says “Werewolf at any moment.”
In the present, there are clowns that want you to identify with them – they want you to accept their absurd explanations for everything – they want your loyalty and unceasing support of destruction.
The media will continue to promote the identity war. It is there to compartmentalize and create cliques within the collectives that wish to create scapegoats.
“Scapegoats” are invented to explain why things are so chaotic – when we see that the destructive behaviors come from minor organizations that wish the whole world thought like them.
It is not difficult for people to find themselves attracted to those organizations that share their concerns. That, in itself, is not a problem.
It becomes a problem when people begin to define themselves primarily by a particular interest or identity and when that interest is bent on gaining advantage from the community at large. Any sense of national interest or common good is overtaken by special interests as they vote for their identity grouping first.
It is good to have a cause but when the cause turns caustic and it becomes a militant effort to suppress other viewpoints – it goes from being divisive to destructive.
We the people who favor improvements for a more perfect union see the prospect sicken and it is the “we” that becomes “us and them.”
It requires someone or something to oppose or worse something or someone to hate.
It thrives on competitive victimhood. Group-think replaces the reality that we are equal, individual human beings, capable of seeing the bigger picture of the overall good – it blinds us to the organizers of globalist conspiracy, literally those who are waiting to employ their strategy of control.
It promotes a never-ending war that we fight even though we know nothing about the ones we are protecting.
Bottom line is that we should be protecting ourselves.
It is simply a killing joke and no one is stepping down to say why it is not funny anymore.