Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Gabbard taking heat over past anti-gay comments - Tulsi Gabbard compared same-sex marriage to bestiality in resurfaced ad - Leftist Party Over Principles Hypocrisy Displayed in Their Reaction to Gabbard vs Treatment of Trump

Editor's Note: Many on the left (see comments on CNN video) are giving Gabbard a pass on this and saying that people change. That's fine, although many politicians just go with whatever is popular at the time and who knows what they really think.

The thing is, not very many of these people would also acknowledge that President Trump has a pretty good track record with gay issues...

"On gay-related issues, the news media couldn't have picked a Republican president more in sync with their views than Donald Trump."

Many Democrats were against gay marriage, but then had sudden odd changes of heart when running for higher office. Trump indicated he was fine with the Supreme Court's decision, but would have have left it up to the states. He isn't a moralist or theocratic zealot, but not many Dems acknowledge this in their political warfare game as they go extremely to the left. Trump's a pragmatic centrist business Democrat of the 90s, a classical liberal...
"Centrist Democratic Party is Dead" Warns Trump:

You won't hear many on the left forgiving Trump for any past words. All of this is hypocritical and hyper-partisan. It shows a willingness to put party over principles. Shameful. Many Trump supporters are willing to point out his wrongs and rights in a principled way and treat Democrats the same. Gabbard isn't all bad, I agree with her on Syria for instance, but I prefer Trump.

Gabbard taking heat over past anti-gay comments  - Tulsi Gabbard compared same-sex marriage to bestiality in resurfaced ad

Over the weekend, an ad by The Alliance for Traditional Marriage resurfaced of the Gabbard family opposing gay marriage in the late 1990s. In the video, the Gabbards liken same-sex marriage to incest, pedophilia, and bestiality.

“Each of us has the right to marry but we don’t have the absolute right to marry anyone we want. For example, I’m not allowed to marry my daughter or my son,” Mike Gabbard says in the video.

“I can’t marry my sister or my brother,” a young Tulsi Gabbard chimes in. The commercial concludes with the elder Gabbard saying, “Don’t open the door to weird marriages. Don’t let homosexuals force their values on the people of Hawaii.”