Friday, October 26, 2018

Cesar Sayoc Omnibus: Intel Agencies Failed, Prior Terrorism Charges, Seminole Supremacy?

Cesar Sayoc Omnibus: Intel Agencies Failed, Prior Terrorism Charges, Seminole Supremacy?

Wolfwind Prepper
Color me suspicious.

Dudes van was right out of central casting. (eye roll)

Looked more cartoonie than the Scooby mobile.

On his Twitter page he follows all leftists.

Hydrogen One
Bombs sent before Midterms✔

Bombs weren't meant to explode✔

Internet history full of Left ideals✔

Van covered with brand new stickers✔

Motive..? Pending

Verdict: False Flag 🚩🎯

This all appears to be the most infantile false flag attempt I have seen to date.

Patsy Activated.

Hand delivers 12 packages across the continent within 48 hours.....

Seems legit 🤣

Chip Pittman
I thought the MSM said they were delivered by the post office, no wait then they said courier. I am so confused, which is it?

Biggest Crock of pure shit I've ever seen! Voting straight RED I've had enough!

DadBod FolkPunk
Stickers look brand new, no fade hmmm

Christopher Stanis
lol right and he went all out like a teenager with band posters on their bedroom walls.

Al CeEspecially in the Florida sun !

Just one week we would see fading in Florida especially on a delivery van which tend to be out in the sun all day long.

Privileged Shitlord
They on the outside of the windows? If so, they have to be pretty new or Hurricane Michael would have torn them up some.

Based KekBot
I am still under the impression that this was a Democrat setup. The stickers are new and covering windows with that many stickers is illegal.

⦓Za Warudo⦔
Of course its a set up. They planted the stickers and this dude is a pawn the paid to do this no doubt. Whats up with Styx today.

Metallic Archaea
Those stickers would not last in the Floridian sun. Super fake false flag.

Thomas Taylor
Why would a Conservative send FAKE bombs to DemoCraps less than 2 weeks before the midterm elections? It seems to me that "if" this Conservative is responsible for this, he wanted YOU to vote DemoCrap!

Ev Ye
I'm not a conspiracy theorist and I don't want to be. But I have questions. Lots of questions. This van is crazy over the top cartoonish. He's clearly dumb but had the motivation to deliver these packages by hand?? Whatever the situation is, this was a stupid waste of his time. He didn't achieve anything and will likely be jailed for a long time. 👍 Great work screw up.

Drexyll Durden

I don't believe anything anymore.

Whole thing stinks.

Teflon Don
Bro...this is still very fishy.


WATCH LIVE: PATSY ARRESTED IN PIPE BOMB HOAX CASE, HAS RIGHT WING TRUMP STICKERS ALL OVER VAN - People Still Not Buying It - Anybody who has lived in Florida knows the sun fades out stickers like that quickly it looks like they were put on in the last week all at same time big time false flag - Well, they found their patsy! What a crock! A brand new white van with a bunch of brand new Trump bumper stickers on it. - Another actor/operative in a hoax will be caught, fake punished and get rewarded for their role soon after covertly?...