Friday, February 16, 2018


Original article by Gwynne Watkins. "
"'Star Wars' needs a woman director, not the 'Game of Thrones' guys" 

Spookyweather comment: Rather than develop good stories the SJWs planned ways of making the Star Wars films more ethnically/racially diverse. This is a symptom of misguided hatred directed against white people. The SJWs misunderstand how the Hollywood films came about in a historical sense. The people working in Hollywood were mostly white at the time. You would expect them to make films involving people from this group, just as the Chinese or Indians make films featuring people drawn from those around them. Are Indian or Chinese filmmakers unconsciously racist for not making ethnically diverse films (even today?).

And how about all the ethnically unique regions around the world, like Tibet or Japan, or small Island Nations? If we follow the SJW logic one would want to make all these places more ethnically diverse, or would refusal to do so be called racist? Often we here about trying to preserve non-white cultures from being 'overrun' and yet the same is never true when the boot is on the other foot. White people are allegedly the devil - but only when you ignore human history in which Blacks, Arabs and Asians all engaged in acts of cruelty, slavery and cultural domination that lasted many hundreds of years.

The SJW nonsense has to stop. 

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