Saturday, January 20, 2018

Reply: Ben Shapiro Debunks 911 Conspiracies Using Pure Reason

I like Shapiro aside from him being too hard on Trump sometimes, but he's totally wrong on this one. Since he's focused on the feels as opposed to the facts with this one, I've got an argument that would work for him. The below link proves that many thousands of family members want a new investigation. Likely the amount of people killed that day is outnumbered by these 9/11 victim's family members.

He pretty much got no support from everybody in the comments, on this particular topic, as most noted, like me, that they do generally support him. Here's a few examples...

The reaction and answer to this question really bothers me, I agree with Mr Shapiro on pretty much everything... except this. Mr Shapiro always says facts over feelings or emotions but sadly his answer to this question was based on emotion this time referencing the number of people who died in this catastrophic event. Looking for answers that make sense and following basic laws of physics now automatically makes you a conspiracy theorist because you choose not to believe what CNN and Fox News tells you. There are a lot of facts about 911 that just don't add up. The American public needs to know why we weren't protected by our government or Norad or anyone else while some guy in a cave can orchestrate and infiltrate the most heavily guarded country on the planet and make 3 buildings collapse at freefall speed with 2 747's. I'm not even going to mention the trillions David Rumsfeld announced were missing the day before the attacks then magically the Pentagon is hit right where the accounting office is.... There needs to be a real investigation one without political influence that uses facts that actually make sense.

Frank Zocchi
First things first. He is not a scientist, so his "opinion" on empirical data relating to 911 would be postulated from a place of ignorance. You see, science gives you clear cut answers, where as logical reasoning only allows you to orate a specious argument. What's in question is not the conspiracy, but the physics behind how gravity works in relation to free falling buildings. You asked a good question, just not to the proper authority. His response should have been, " let me see the research and get back to you". Even smart people have proved themselves to be extremely ignorant from time to time.

Ben Shapiro Debunks 911 Conspiracies Using Pure Reason